The Things I Want to Remember

This past Friday, one of my friends who is going to Cosmetology school, came by at nap-time to further her education on my horribly outgrown mane. She has three girls of her own so our conversation of course drifted to parenting. She mentioned that she keeps a journal and periodically jots down funny things her kids say or things she wants to remember about them at that age. She naturally assumed that I must do the same. Which would make sense, since I document just about everything else about my family's life. But weirdly enough, I don't. Charlie is so much fun and full of laughter and joy at this age that I realized I need to get better about documenting the day-to-day. I know I won't remember the little things five years from now.


I want to remember...the way that Chuck taught him to say, "Rock n' roll, man!" every time we leave the house.

I want to remember..how he pretty much wants to be jumping at all times. He loves playing "blast off" on our bed with Daddy and hopping around the house like a frog saying "Ribbip!"

I want to remember...that although he's super excited about helping Mommy water, he hasn't yet figured out how to pronounce "garden" and refers to it as our "garbin."

I want to remember...that he has the scene from Elf memorized where the store manager yells "Hey! No singing in the North Pole!" and always responds, "Yes, there is!" in his squeaky, sing-songy voice.

I want to remember...his favorite TV shows and movies. How when I ask him what he wants to watch, he'll "Hmm..." and "Umm..." and then exclaim "Daniel Tiger!" or "Toy Stor Stor!"

I want to remember...his obsession with anything that goes vroom! He loves Daddy's "mow mow" and perks up when he hears a truck, motorcycle, or construction vehicle drive by.

I want to remember...watching him dance in the kitchen to Jack Johnson or The Beach Boys and giggly saying, "Shake your booty!"

I want to remember...the way he shows such concern for when people (or stuffed animals) look sad or hurt. He always kisses Mommy and Daddy's booboos and says "All better!"


Crosby and his friends, Kiah and Zeke

I want to remember...the way he grabs my lips and chin when he nurses, or runs his fingers up and down my side.

I want to remember...the way he cries initially when he's done nursing like he's completely heartbroken that it's over, but calms down instantly when I put his binky in his mouth and hug him close to my chest.

I want to remember...how he loves hugs and cuddles from anyone, but his eyes light up the brightest when Charlie shows him attention.

I want to remember...the way he lays on his side and arches his back to watch the TV or check out what's happening behind him.

I want to remember...the way he giggles when I nibble at his belly and toes.

> > >

The time I have when my boys are this little is so fleeting that I want to remember all these little things at each phase of their life. I hope to become better about recording the small things as they grow older.

If you're a parent, what are your favorite things about your child's current age?

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