Two Years as Mommy

Two years ago, after 24 hours of labor all through Christmas Day, a sweet 6 lb 7 oz baby boy joined our family and this Mommy has never been the same. I don't know that I will ever fully comprehend how one person can change you so much, in such a short period of time. But Charlie Davis has changed me in a million and one of the best ways possible. If I am able to make it through this post without bursting into hysterical sobs, it will be a Christmas miracle.

At two years old, Charlie is still a peanut (22 lbs!) He only recently eats what feels like a normal amount for his age (his appetite has always seemed very small). Not to mention, I'm pretty sure he burns off everything he eats from running around like a crazy person! I know every Mom thinks their kid is the sweetest and the smartest, but Charlie totally is (#babygenius!). His vocabulary constantly astounds me, he's terrific at remembering names and identifying people, and he just recently started to be able to pronounce three-syllable words (his first was "bicycle" and to hear him say it is the cutest thing ever!). We're actively working on our letters and numbers. He can pronounce all of them, but doesn't yet have them memorized to recite them on his own. He can count to ten with Mommy and Daddy's help and up to three on his own. 

Up until recently, with the exception of the occasional good night kiss, Charlie hasn't shown much interest in Crosby. However, in the last few weeks he wants to give him more snugs and say "Hi baby!" as soon as he sees him in the morning. They both seem really fond of each other. Charlie is terrific at being "gentle" with the baby, and in turn, Crosby seems to really love his attention.

I didn't want to start until after the holidays, lest he digress from all of the change in his routine. He has started to show interest in his potty seat and has sat on it a few times, but hasn't actually gone. He's a pretty quick learner so I'm feeling cautiously optimistic that he'll catch on and be using the potty in no time!

Since quitting my job to stay home, Charlie has seemed so much happier and just generally more himself. He's an easygoing kid and is fairly good at going with the flow and being in new places, but he would come home in the evening so grumpy and off that the limited time I had with him after work was not really enjoyable. Now that we're together all day, we have grown much closer and I don't think my husband would disagree that Mommy is pretty much his favorite person in the world right now. He always raises his arms and asks for a "hug" which is his way of asking to be picked up, so that he can help me cook, or do chores around the house.

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Charlie knows no stranger. Everyone is his friend and people in the the grocery store will comment on how friendly he is. We can't go anywhere without him saying "Hi!" and "Bye bye!" to everyone he comes into contact with. Outside of our immediate family, his favorite people are probably his Aunt Kelly (they're pretty much obsessed with each other) and our family friend, Dale. Dale comes over every once in awhile to fix something at our house, loan a tool, or give me guidance on how to fix something myself and Charlie loves those visits. He loves watching Dale use his tools and is content to just sit and watch for hours on end. He received his very own toolbox for Christmas so he goes around the house hammering things, and anytime he sees a white truck or anyone who remotely resembles him out in public he always points and shouts, "Dale! Dale!" (which is not embarrassing at all for Mommy! Haha).

As for Mommy...

I just can't say enough about this sweet boy. Not all days are easy as he navigates his newfound toddler independence, but all days are more joy-filled than I could have imagined before becoming his Mommy. Charlie Davis, I love you more than words could possibly express. Thank you for being the sweet, silly, and lovable boy that you are. I hope you never change.

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