10 Bloggers to Read in 2017

Almost every year (when I'm not busy giving birth), I highlight my absolute favorite bloggers of the year. Because it's the Christmas season, and who couldn't do with some blogger love? Some are big, some are small; but all of them write authentically and I simply can't get enough.

This year, these 10 ladies (yes, they're all ladies. I guess I'm a sexist), are the bloggers who you should absolutely not miss!

2. The Lady Okie
Favorites: We Still Do and On Prayer

BONUS: Dayton Moms Blog (I mean c'mon, I had to do some shameless self-promotion)
Favorites: Why I (Honestly) Chose a Natural Birth and Why We Chose Not to Share Our Baby's Name

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I'm always looking for new bloggers to follow, so who are your must-reads?

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