Meet Erin! [Guest Post by Love, Fun and Football]

Hello friend's of Kaity's! I am honored to be filling in for her today as I have read her blog for quite some time now. I've also stalked a lot of her archives more than she probably realizes in the past 9 months or so. I recently had my first baby in May and lots of Kaity's posts have given me insight, wisdom and laughs about all things pregnancy and babies.

It's easy to forget who you are the second you become a mom, so I thought I could introduce myself to you all today in hopes that it will help me remember. When your days are just bottles and diapers and naps its easy to lose sight of who you've been previously.

I'm married to Jared, we met in college in a ridiculous way and got marred in 2011. Together we love traveling, be it near or far. Our favorite spots are Hilton Head, SC and we have a very special place in our hearts for DisneyWorld. We've been twice together and are already dreaming about when our little man will be old enough for his first visit!

My blog is called Love, Fun & Football and football truly surrounds our whole story. We got engaged on our favorite team's football field and also announced our pregnancy in the same spot! I worked for an NFL team for the past 7 years and just gave it up to stay at home with my son. It was a hard decision, since I am so passionate about my Cincinnati Bengals but I'm looking forward to watching the games from my couch instead of working them this year :)

Other things I like? Puppies- even though I don't have one. Mexican food- even though I'm still getting over my pregnancy aversion to it. Cooking- when I have time, which isn't a lot lately. Boad games- specifically a good round of Monopoly. And just having a good time with family and friends. I don't need much in life- just my people.

And as a brand new first-time momma, I have already realized the importance of finding other moms to connect with. It can feel so isolating and scary, being at home with a brand new baby that you love to pieces but are definitely still figuring out how in the world to take care of them. So if you're a mom I'd love to "meet" you in the blog world! And if you're not, please say hi anyway ;)

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