What's in a Name?

When I was pregnant with Charlie, I really didn't like to idea of settling on his name before he was born. Mostly, because I couldn't picture assigning a name to a person whom I didn't even know yet. I just had this gut instinct that when my baby boy was born, I would know what his name was. And sure enough, while there were other names that I genuinely liked, Charlie was the only name that just seemed to fit. Charlie was the only name I could actually picture calling my little boy.

The experience of sharing my name preferences with family and friends stayed with me, however. Everyone had an opinion on what our baby's name should (or shouldn't) be. He should have a good, strong, heirloom name. Or he shouldn't be named this, because such-and-such person associated it with this horrible person they once knew. It was maddening. Why did anyone feel like they should have had a say in naming our child? As long as we weren't naming him Lucifer, shouldn't our opinions be the only ones that mattered?

When I got pregnant with Baby 2.0, I was even more adamantly opposed to sharing our baby's name before he was born. This way, people wouldn't have the opportunity to shed light on a name, that admittedly, is a little unconventional, but not exactly cringe-worthy. From the moment we found out 2.0's gender at his 20-week ultrasound, we knew what his name was going to be and we were so excited about it. I didn't want family and friends' raised eyebrows to dampen our enthusiasm for the name, so I encouraged Chuck that we should keep it to ourselves until he was born and no one could have a say.

We lasted several weeks, which is pretty good for us, before our various family members began chipping away, one by one, at our resolve. It started with one person on my side, then someone on his, and in a small amount of time, eventually everyone in our families knew. We put up a good fight, but let me tell you- the Bests and Stuckerts are some master manipulators!

Which brings us to present day. Although our family does know, we're still holding out in sharing the name with our larger social circle until 2.0 is officially earthside. 

However, that doesn't mean I can't have a little fun until that time comes. So, I thought I'd give a few clues and see if anyone can guess Baby 2.0's name! The winner gets bragging rights, and a big cyber hug from yours truly. Doesn't get much better than that, right?
That totally narrows it down, right? Haha Honestly, I will be super impressed if someone manages to guess it correctly- I might even dole out two cyber hugs. Things could get wild...

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