I'm Going Pants-Free for 31 Days

No, really. No jeans, no skirts. I'm going pants-free for the month of December. If you're wondering why the heck anyone would possibly do that- especially during these frigid winter days, well, I'll tell you! This year, two of my best friends and I, are participating in Dressember.

If you've stuck around here for any length of time, you might know that one of my biggest passions is supporting the anti-human trafficking movement. Specifically, the work of an anti-trafficking organization called International Justice Mission. In college, I co-led my campus chapter of IJM, and have attended their Global Prayer Gathering for two years. I have continued to follow them as they free young girls who have been forced into the sex industry, they have punished human traffickers and brothel owners, and have set the wheels of justice into motion in countries where human trafficking has largely gone on with no legal recourse in sight.

I have only ever known a consensual sexual relationship with a person that I love. There is a part of me that cannot stomach the thought that not every woman and girl can say that. There are children (CHILDREN!) in this world who will never know that. They have been stripped of their innocence and repeatedly abused simply because they are female. 

While most of the time I feel helpless, I do not want to stand idly by and allow for these types of injustices to continue.

I want to stand up for these girls who have been robbed of the ability to stand up for themselves.

So if wearing a dress for 31 days allows me to do that, bring it on!

Dressember is an initiative that embraces a traditionally feminine clothing item, to bring awareness to these women who have been exploited simply because of their femininity. So yes, at first glance it may seem silly (and chilly!), but Dressember is about so much more than just a dress. 

I'll be documenting my 31-Day Dressember challenge on Instagram. Today is Day #1, so click here to check out what I'm wearing! And if you're feeling generous, please check out my team fundraising page to donate to an amazing cause!

Happy First Day of December!

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