My Dream Home: Nursery Inspiration

If you're just joining in, I'm currently daydreaming about how to turn our simple, new house into a fun, new home bursting with character. Last week, I shared my dreams for our living room. 

This week, I'm turning my attention to the nursery.

Here is the plain ol' realtor shot of the room:

And here's what it looks like currently:

This is what I'm dreaming about for the future:

Nursery Inspiration

Nursery Inspiration by kaity-best featuring cotton rugs

My to-do list includes:

1. Paint. I want to stay true to the Mickey-theme without it being overwhelmingly red or black. I thought going with the yellow color of his buttons and shoes would be a sweet way to tie in the theme. Sunshine by Benjamin Moore is pretty close to what I'm going for.
2. Finish Charlie's dresser. Currently, Charlie's dresser is red, but I'd like to either paint the drawer pulls or buy some new knobs to go with the Disney theme.
3.  Buy some new bedding. I love his current bedding, but the color scheme doesn't totally go. I love these Buffalo Plaid Crib Sheets I found on Etsy- perfect color without being obnoxiously over the top and cutesy. 
4. Purchase and hang curtains. The curtains pictured above are pretty close, but I'd like to do more shopping around. 
5. Collect some Disney paraphernalia. Overall, I'd like the look to be more classic and vintage Mickey, than Modern Mickey. I'd love to include some cute details, like this old Mickey rotary phone or this vintage lamp

I have no issues with Charlie's current nursery set-up and I do still like the theme. The thing I like about this updated nursery idea, however, is that it's gender neutral. Eventually, we hope that Baby Pep will be sharing his room with a younger brother or sister, so regardless, this theme would fit either gender. 

Obviously, the nursery is not on the top of our to-do list, but it's sure fun to think about!

> > >

What do you think of the Disney theme? Are the colors too bold or is it just right?

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