10 Months as Mommy

I've slowly started transitioning from #babypep to #charmingcharlie on Instagram, because my baby isn't going to be a baby much longer! Every single stinking cliche is true: the minutes are long, the months are short.

I officially started back at 5 days/week. For the last several months, I've had the ability to work a half day from home on Mondays, but no more. Sad face for me. It's been hard. But I really wasn't expecting it not to be. I miss Charlie. I'm exhausted, and my house is a mess. But I'm giving myself a lot of grace to just do what I can and not giving myself a massive guilt trip every time I fall short in one or more realms of my life.

Remember how last month I said I was soooo done with pumping? Yeah, not quite. Try as I might (and when I say "I," I really mean Charlie's aunt who watches him while I'm at work), this kid will not drink formula. It was stressful for me. It was stressful for Aunt Ashlee, and I'm guessing it was stressful for Charlie who kept being offered some artificial-tasting stuff when all he wanted was some boob juice. So, I decided I was just going to keep at it until we can officially transition him to cow's milk. I've been popping Fenugreek supplements and drinking Mother's Milk tea like it's my job, and it's actually been working. I'm still only pumping enough for the following day and not a drop more, but that's all we really need at this point, so we're going with it!

No change. Still going on walks in the evenings whenever I can, but I'm a little worried about how sedentary I'm doomed to be once the cold weather hits. Maybe, just maybe, I'll get some use out of that gym membership once and for all!

As for Charlie...

We've got a crawler on our hands and holy cow- I cannot keep up with this kid! He is constantly wanting to move, crawl, and explore. Which is cute and fun to watch, until he climbs off the edge of the bed, or bashes his head off a chair. He's wearing us out! Charlie also went trick-or-treating for the first time. No candy for this little one, but we had a ton of fun going around to the local, downtown businesses with him and his cousins.

He's not consistently eating grown-up food, but nearly everything we offer him off our plates, he gobbles right up! I made pork chops with cinnamon apples last week, which he loved and he had some shredded chicken when we went pumpkin picking two weekends ago that he packed away! He's still not a big eater, but we're making tortoise-like progress each week. His absolute favorite food, however, is his Stonyfield baby yogurt. No product placement, I swear- he really does love the stuff! I'm so glad we've found something that he'll eat a lot of!

Not too much newness in the family department except for spending a lot more time with Aunt Ashlee and cousin Lucie!

He hasn't been weighed since his  9-month appointment, so based on his growth, I'm going to estimate he's somewhere between 15-16 lbs. Still a shrimp!

He's still wearing Size 3 diapers and is mostly in 12-month clothing, save for a handful of lengthier onesies.

> > >

I ordered his first birthday invitations a few weeks ago and am already starting to plan. It's so hard to believe I'm about to become a toddler mom!

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