Summer 2015 Book Challenge(s): August Check-In

(August 9, 2015) 30 points: Read a book with an alliterative title. | Summer Sisters by Judy Blume (416 pages, ) 
Sigh. I will never not love Judy Blume. She is everything I aspire to be as a writer.

July also kicked off Erin's Book Challenge! Although Erin is also a blogger and another self-described book challenge addict, her challenge format is Facebook-based and really interactive which I love. She also maintains albums of the all the different books picked so members of the group can go in at any point and see how books have been rated by other challenge participants. If you're interested in joining another book challenge, hers is a good one!

(August 4, 2015) 35 points: A banned/challenged book | The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie (230 pages, ) 
This book is one of those rare gems that transports you into the mind of someone you would otherwise not think twice about. It is equal parts funny and heartbreaking and so, so, so, so good.
(August 9, 2015) 20 points: A book that begins with the first letter of your last name | Summer Sisters by Judy Blume (416 pages, ) 


Just when you thought I was done, I obviously have to include my reads for the Literary Ladies Book Challenge (Go here to see my Preliminary List):


(August 2, 2015) A book that was recommended by a blogger (or Instagrammer / YouTuber / Goodreads-er) | Little Bee by Chris Cleave (Amber @ Mr. Thomas and Me(266 pages, ) 
Had I known what this book was about, I may not have read it, but I'm so glad I did. I was surprised to find many lower rated reviews from those who thought the male author didn't do an adequate job of writing from a female viewpoint, but I didn't necessarily find that.  
This story is an important one and one that will stick with me for a long time. 
(August 7, 2015) A book with a one word title | Undeniable by Bill Nye (309 pages, )
I am not a science person, but I think everyone should read this book. Nye takes major topics surrounding the theory of evolution and breaks them down so that even a simpleton like me can understand. I found his chapters on altruism and race particularly fascinating, but there's something in it for everyone. I feel so much more informed on controversial issues like GMO's, cloning and extraterrestrial life.
I think my eyes would have glazed over at some points had I read the hard copy version, but Nye does an excellent job of narrating the audiobook. I felt like I was listening to one long episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy! 
(August 9, 2015) A book about Summer, with Summer in the title, or in any way related to Summer because this is a Summer challenge! | Summer Sisters by Judy Blume (416 pages, ) 
(August 16, 2015) A book that is or will be a movie (or TV show) | Me Before You by Jojo Moyes (269 pages★)
I didn't actually know what this book was about before reading it, but I kept seeing Jojo Moyes floating around "Best Read" lists. I totally get why everyone loves her because this is one of my favorite recent reads. There are parts that are very much cliche, romantic, chick lit, but the ending is anything but cliche and demands that you meditate on the meaning of life. I would highly recommend and am totally planning to read more of Moyes in the near future! 

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