My Dream Home: Living Room Inspiration

I've officially been a homeowner for a month (say what?) and all I can think about is how I want to turn our beautiful, albeit plain house into our home. And while my Hubby definitely has some say in the design decisions, he's pretty much deferring to me on this particular task. First up, is the sitting room. Or what normal people call, "the living room." But when we discovered the potential of our partially finished basement to become a TV-dominated, dude den, I claimed our living room as my own and banned all technology. I want the main room of our house to give off a peaceful, tranquil, relaxing vibe. 

This was the realtor's shot of the living room:

As you can see, plain, but lots of potential. 

Here is the "sitting room" in it's current state (please excuse the grainy cell phone camera quality):

We've since put a standing lamp behind the armchair, but other than that, no real changes. Yes, I have yet to put curtains up. 

What I'd love to see? Something like this: 

Living Room Inspiration

Here's what's on my to-do list:

1. Paint. My color of choice is Turquoise Tint by Valspar.
2. Buy and hang curtains. We bought one set at Lowe's, but I don't know if I like them enough to buy more for the other windows. We'll see if they stay or go.
3. Paint fireplace. I don't have a huge issue with the brick, but I feel like white would go better with the overall feel of the room.
4. Spray paint and hang frame. Chuck's mom gave me this old frame that I was hoping to DIY into something like this, but I like the way the mirror looks over the fireplace more than I thought I would, so it might wind up staying.
5. Purchase decorative fire screen. I have my eye on this one from Ten Thousand Villages.
6. Replace sofa. Ugh. This is one that I know isn't 100% necessary, but both Chuck and I hate our couch. It's sunken in, not very comfortable, and just not our style at all. We got it because the doorway to our first Pittsburgh apartment only allowed the movers to deliver something that had a low back. Otherwise, we would've had a beautiful leather one like the sectional pictured above!
7. Buy a slipcover for the armchair. We were so thankful that some friends of ours were getting rid of that arm chair because it fits so perfectly in that corner of the house. I don't hate the current pattern, but I feel like a slipcover would spruce it up and add an extra splash of color to the room.
8. Buy macrame plant holder and hang up some greenery. I feel like this small touch will totally transform the room into my cozy, little hippie oasis. 

> > >

Obviously, some of these updates are potentially years down the road, while others I could do this weekend, if I actually hunkered down and got to work! 

What do you think? Any design tips or comments for me?

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