#tbt: A Letter to my Former Single Self (January 25, 2013)

Because don't we all wish we could go back in time and give some much-needed wisdom to our single selves?

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Dear Kaity Bee,
Hello from the future! I've waited so long to write to you, and nearly 5 months into your marriage at 24 years old (That's right 24...you're not going to die alone, hooray!), now seems the absolute perfect timing.
I'm writing to you, because I know how hurt you are. I understand your trust issues. I get why you're uncomfortable just being in a room alone with an older man. I'm sorry you're so scared.
It's a lonely place to be- in your own world of brokenness and keeping up the facade of being strong. But, I have news for you- those instincts will serve you well.
Some men suck. Some men will cut you down with words and make you feel worthless. Some men will treat you as a sexual object and not even acknowledge your inner beauty. Some men will take advantage of your pure and genuine nature. Some men will take all you have to give and then abandon you when it suits them. Some men have done this to you, and you have every right to feel begrudged.
But here's the thing: cling on to those feelings of distrust. Be skeptical of a man's intentions. Not only will it protect you from the skeezeballs of the world, but one day a man will come along who will be the exception. The night you meet your husband, you'll know.

You'll know that this is the one you've been waiting for. This is the man who puts all others to shame. This is the man who will care for you like no man ever has before. This is the man who you can trust to always be true, good and kind. This is the man who tells you how beautiful you are every day, but has fallen deeper in love with the beauty of your soul.
There will come a day when the walls you've built around your heart will come tumbling down. All because you've met a man who will work tirelessly to remove it, brick by brick. Don't change a thing about yourself, because it will all lead you to him.
Blissfully married Kaity

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