7 Months as Mommy

My baby boy is 7 months today. He's practically a grown man!!!

I officially went back to working 40 hours this month. It's not easy, but I feel like we're finally sinking into some sort of a rhythm with balancing work and parenthood. 

Still going at it! I've definitely noticed an increase in Charlie's appetite, especially at night before bed. Some nights I nurse him and then have to give him another 5 ounce bottle because he's still hungry! I'm not producing as much as I would like to so I don't know how much longer we're going to be able to keep this up. 

The 40-hour work week has killed any time and/or energy I might have had to work on this. Normally, when I want to lose weight, I just kind of naturally start cutting back on calories. But, I can't do that because I'm breastfeeding and barely making enough breastmilk as it is. Which leaves exercise. No progress there. I think I'm going to make a point to make Saturdays and Sundays my workout days for the time being. I figure, 2 days a week is better than zero. Who knows, I may start getting addicted to running again and want to wake up in the morning for a jog around the neighborhood before work (Ha!).

As for Charlie...

Not crawling yet, but man is he a Rolie Polie Olie! Other things he loves? Doing backbends to check out what's going on behind him. Grabbing at everything in sight (especially Mommy's hair and earrings and Daddy's beard).

This month, we finally started getting giggles out of him. He's always been a smiley, happy baby, but for some reason the laughter came slowly. It's still a rarity, but when Daddy tickles him, that little laugh comes out and it is so infectious!

Solid foods are still a struggle. He's pretty much figured out the eating thing by now, but that doesn't mean he makes it easy on us. So far it seems, his favorite food has been green beans!

Charlie continues to spend his days with his Aunt Ashlee (who we affectionately refer to as, Aunt Mommy) and his cousin Lucie. Lucie is now going on six months, so she's so much more aware and it's the sweetest thing to watch the two of them interact. They adore each other! His Aunt Kelly also came up for a weekend and watched him all day long on Friday while Mommy and Daddy were at work. They had so much fun together, but all that playing wore little Charlie out. He was asleep by 6pm!

At Charlie's 6-month appointment, he weighed in at 13 lbs 8 oz, so I'm guessing he's upwards of 14 lbs by now. Surprise, surprise- he is still a peanut. All of his 3-6 month clothes have been packed up, and even some of his 6 month. He's now somewhere between 6-9 month clothing and in Size 2 diapers.


  1. Pave the way for me in full-time working! Solidarity, sister :)

  2. He's just so darn cute. At 9 months I had to start supplementing with formula. Don't be afraid of supplementing. Breastfeeding doesn't have to be all or nothing! I'm still pumping the same amount at work, but this girl is just a hungry growing girl lol.