To my Love, on Father's Day

I wish I could spout cliches about how you're the world's best Dad, the perfect father, but you're probably not. I love you too much to speak in falsities and exaggerations. While you may not be the best father, you are the best father for Charlie. I love how much you love our son. I love that you do and always will love him for exactly who he is and will be. I love that you willingly take on diaper duty. I love that sometimes you give me that extra hour of sleep in the morning so that I can be a better Mommy. I love that my Charlie has you as a Daddy.

But most of all, I love that our son is already showing signs of your temperament. He may look like his Mama, but already he has your propsenity for affection. He has your silliness. He has your easy-going, laidback personality. Even if we royally screw up this parenting gig, if our little boy grows up to be anything like you, he is going to be a remarkable man.

Happy First Father's Day, my love.

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