Blogger Love v.8

Let's see. Is it possible for me to start a blog post without mentioning the fact that I have had zero time to actually write a blog post?

Apparently not. Moving on.

Even when I'm unable to muster the energy to jot down my words, I'm always, always, always reading. Reading the news, reading blogs, reading social media statuses. Reading is like breathing to me, and thankfully, there have been some good reads in the blog world in the last few weeks:

All the Joys - Blogger Love

CollaboReads: A Book-lover's Link-Up by mr. thomas and me | I love books. Hate book clubs. I don't like reading assignments, but I do love book challenges. Especially book challenges that allow me to read what I'm inspired to read. I am so pumped to participate in Amber's new link-up next month.

An Aussie girl in an American world by See You in a Porridge (via TexErin in Sydneyland) | It's so entertaining to look at weird American culture quirks from an outsider's perspective. There are so many things we apparently take for granted here!

The Night I Gave My Husband a Free Pass via Scary Mommy | Although Chuck and I have only been married a few years, I think every married couple can relate to this on some level. Definitely one that will tug at your heartstrings.

What I want you to know about being a foster dad: a letter to my foster daughter's birth mom via Rage Against the Minivan | So.many.feels. Do not read this if you are not looking to be an emotional mess. But please, do read this at some point. So beautiful, yet so heartwrenching. 

Why we aren't finding out the sex... by The Florkens | I really thought I wouldn't want to find out the gender when I became pregnant with Charlie. Obviously, we did wind up finding out, but my feelings on gender stereotyping haven't changed. Kate totally hits this one out of the park.

[Love Looks Like] 14: On marriage, making magic, and demands by Sarah Bessey | Gah! Everything that Sarah Bessey writes is pure gold. This letter on life at year 14 of marriage nearly took my breath away. This woman can write


  1. Oh grill thanks for sharing about #collaboreads! :) And I'm honored to be on this list because there's some serious goodness here. The Free Pass post was SO RICH and I realized it resonated so deeply with me (and my feelings after seeing the movie Hall Pass). I realize that sex can and is given this HUGE responsibility in our lives... One that can make it feel like a requirement, a badge of marital honor when, really, it's a byproduct of EVERYTHING else that makes up our marriages. :)

  2. Great picks this week - I have only read The Florkens (so far) but am interested in the rest! I hope you had a great weekend (of reading??) - thanks for linking up!

  3. You deserve it. I totally admire how much hard work you pour into your blog. You've somehow managed to balance creating fun link-ups and blogger collabs and still generating awesome content. Props to you, girlfran! ;)

    I love what you had to say about that artice, too. It's something I wish were written about more (especially sex after baby, because let me tell you- it ain't the same!), but I understand why it's not. I've often thought about writing, but I respect my husband's privacy too much to actually go through with it.