10 Reasons I Hated Gilmore Girls

While on maternity leave, I needed a new show to marathon-watch so of course, I dove headfirst into a the dark underworld of Netflix. I used to watch Gilmore Girls, or at least the first couple seasons back when it was on, but for some reason or another, I lost interest and stopped. It seems like it's got a cult following, so I thought I'd give it a go and try to finish the series. Let me just say, it took everything I had to finish because most of the time, I hated all the characters. These are 10 reasons why I couldn't stand Gilmore Girls:


10. Rory leaving Yale | This ranks higher on the list because, duh. No one liked this aspect of the show. Rory spent her whole life preparing for her college years and then let one crappy remark from her boyfriend's Dad totally derail her? I call bullshit. Get your shit together, Rory. Most people would kill to be in your academic shoes!

9. Rory sleeping with a married guy | I know Dean was her high school sweetheart or whatever, but she had her chance and she blew it. So what does she do? She waits until he's married to get back together with him, loses her virginity and essentially destroys his life. Dean was such a good boyfriend to her and I couldn't believe she would pull something so shitty and selfish.

8. Lorelai leaving a man at the altar | Granted, I don't think anyone saw Max and Lorelai together at the end, but seriously, she just took off on their wedding day without a word. Another classic example of a really great, nice guy being completely screwed over by a Gilmore woman. 

7. Emily and Richard were downright awful people | I know there were moments when the writers tried to make it seem as if there were a remotely redeemable quality about these two people. But no. They sucked. They were pretentious, snobby, treated their hired help like dirt, tried to break up their daughter's relationship solely based on pride...the list goes on. Ugh.

6. No one can eat like that and be skinny | If they were real people, I'm pretty sure they'd be constipated 100% of the time the way they ate. Just saying.

5. There are just so many annoying characters! | TJ and Liz? So annoying. Taylor? Super annoying. Michel? Annoying (though funny once in a blue moon). Paris? Don't even get me started.

4. Lane could do better | Zach was a lovable idiot, but I thought her and Dave made a way better couple. She needed someone who was at least her intellectual equivalent.

3. Lorelai and Chris getting married | There is not a single thing that could redeem their elopement! First, they both treated marriage like a fun thing to do in Paris and not an actual "til death do us part" commitment, which was seriously irritating. Second, I thought the premise that a 3-year old girl just seamlessly transitioned into their life was wildly improbable. Third, they didn't even bother to include their own daughter (and Lorelai's best friend!) in their wedding. So wrong!

2. Real love doesn't demand ultimatums | Granted, Luke was being kind of a butthead with the whole postponing the wedding thing, but rather than talking about how she felt, Lorelai gave Luke two options: 1. Marry me or 2. We're done. Why couldn't they just communicate and compromise like a normal, functioning couple?! Same thing when Logan proposed to Rory- marry me or we're done. She was 22 years old, if you really loved her, why couldn't you just hang on a couple more years? Good grief, people!

1. I watched every single episode | And cried when Lorelai and Luke finally kissed in the last episode. Despite all my grievances, I still kinda get why people loved this show. And had it been renewed for another season, I would have watched that, too.

> > >

Clearly, my maternity leave was very productive. Are you a GG fan?


  1. I have such mixed feelings about GG because of ALL of the reasons on this list. It's such a love-hate thing!

  2. GASP. It's my favorite show ever, and I'm not one to watch a lot of TV. I do understand your points, but GG will always and forever be on the top of my list. :)

  3. Bahahahaha. I only ever caught episodes off and on over the years. Like, I know enough to follow along when I catch an episode (like who dated whom over time), but I've never seen entire seasons.

  4. Hahahahah I'm a huge fan, we need to have a full out debate when I come visit in May, because I disagree with some of these points (really no love for TJ and Liz?) :) I have no opinion on disposable diapers (although, eventually, someday, I will need your sage advice), however I have many thoughts regarding Gilmore Girls....Also, start watching Hart of Dixie, the gazebo from Gilmore Girls is used...and the bar from True Blood but I don't recommend that show...

  5. I love GG, but this was still a lot of fun to read. I didn't like some of the decisions made either, but I think that's one of the things that I liked about the show, because I like characters that you disagree with sometimes. It makes them more realistic to me. I also like that the show doesn't shy away from the bad things that they do. Like Lorelei has to confront leaving Max at the altar. And as much as I hated that Rory slept with Dean while he was married and wish that hadn't happened, I really liked that Lorelei confronted her about it. That really got to me, though, and did change how I viewed Rory's character.

  6. It really is! I love that Rory was a bookworm/brainiac, but there were so many times when I couldn't help but think, "if these people were real, I would hate them!"

  7. I think the absolute worst was when Lorelai and Rory were fighting. I felt like the whole show hinged on the bond between them so that season was particularly hard to get through.

  8. Eh, it's probably better that way. Haha

  9. I've been tempted by Hart of Dixie because I like Rachel Bilson, but I held off because it was on the CW and I feel like I can't take anything seriously on that channel. Lol

  10. Yeah, I was thankful that Lorelai confronted her, but my opinion of her definitely changed after that, too.