Making Room for Baby | Allison @ Nestful of Love

Hi! I'm Allison...new mama to Aiden and blogger over at Nestful of Love. I'm so happy to be posting for Kaity today as she snuggles her little sweetie pie. As a brand new mom myself I thought I would share some tips with you for making room in your house for a new baby!

As you register for baby items you start to see how many things you will need for a new baby and how baby items can slowly infiltrate your home and not just the baby's nursery. You need something for the baby to sleep in, something for them to bounce in, something for them to swing in, something for them to take walks in...the list goes on and on. Babies slowly take over not only your hearts, but your homes as well. My family room is overtaken with our bouncer, swing, activity mat, boppy and burp cloths galore, but that is not the only room in your home that you need to make room for your baby.

Here are a few rooms in the house that I did not consider making room for a new baby and some tips on how you can be proactive in doing so...

YOUR BEDROOM// If your baby is going to sleep in your bedroom I would highly recommend getting some night lights for those late night feedings. The last thing you want when you are zombie walking at night is to bump into something. I would also recommend finding a place for a sound machine and always keeping some extra burp cloths and a pacifier at an arms reach.

KITCHEN//Clean out a drawer for feeding supplies. You will have to store bibs, bottles and eventually plates, cups and silverware for your little one.

If you are going to be breastfeeding clear out another drawer or cabinet to keep these supplies in. You'll be surprised how much room you need for your breast pump, parts, sanitizer, extra parts, milk storage bags, etc. Another part of your kitchen that requires extra room for baby is your refrigerator! As a working mom my I had to start pumping and storing breast milk meaning that I had to clean out my fridge and freezer to make room to store milk. #momproblems

BATHROOM// This is another room I did not think I needed to clear out for baby, but then you quickly realize the baby needs to be bathed and the baby has towels, bath toys, special shampoos and body wash, etc. Think about where you will store your infant tub if you have one, where you will keep your baby's towels, cleaning supplies, etc. I have a large tin bucket that I keep by the tub to store all the toys and cleaning supplies so it's easily accessible.

GARAGE// Before Aiden came along our garage was a hot mess. We did some major cleaning so that we would have a clear path to get the car seat in and out of the car without bumping into walls or random junk. You will also need a place to store your strollers, ours are currently in the garage so we also needed a place for these.

I hope these tips can help you either now or later as you make room for a baby in your life and your home! Thanks for letting me share today Kaity.


  1. Great post! I thought everything would stay in baby's room, but I realized it makes more sense to keep pump supplies in the kitchen, bath supplies in the bathroom,etc.

  2. Good tips! I keep wipes in every room, just in case. And my pack n play came with a hanging storage thing which was amazing! I used the pack n play in our bedroom for the first 6+ months and being able to store diapering supplies and burp cloths was a midnight lifesaver!!

  3. Aw, this is so sweet!