33 Weeks

Baby Pep,

You have been so showered with love the last couple days! Your Grandma and Aunties Bekah and Laura came all the way from the East Coast to celebrate your impending arrival at your baby shower this past weekend! Your Aunt Annen did such a beautiful job organizing the day and your Mama felt so blessed to be able to share in it with the friends and family who already love you so much. Speaking candidly, I was also very excited that the shower was co-ed so your Daddy could be there too. Suffice it to say I didn't do well at being the center of attention at my bridal shower so the fact that your Daddy partook in the festivities made me feel so much more comfortable. (Baby shower post to come!)

I've done a terrible job at blogging, cleaning, cooking...basically functioning as a human being this week. Work has been crazy busy since I've been trying to catch up from being out of town and all my energy has gone into just making it through each day. It always comes as a shock to me when my energy levels don't match what my pre-pregnant self could muster. I think it's time for your Mama to acknowledge her limitations and just take it easy for the next 6ish weeks. Lord knows, I won't be catching much shut-eye once you're here!

Daddy and I have lots to do to prepare for your arrival. We still have a few purchases to make like a stroller, car seat, etc that I'm hoping to score a deal on around Black Friday. We've also got to install your car seat, finish assembling your crib and dresser, and just generally organize your nursery. I also want to try and make sure to prepare for my body postpartum- freezer meals, pads (TMI), and the like.

You're going to be here so soon, Pep! I still can't believe it!


A little teaser from our Fall-themed shower: November 1, 2014.


  1. Take it easy! Rest when you can. Forget anything that doesn't HAVE to be done.

    1. Oh and the same goes for after Baby Pep is here!

  2. I agree with the previous comment!! Rest while you can... Newborns don't need much. Just a place to sleep, a car seat and some clothes and diapers!! That other stuff will wait. And your photo is so cute!! Can't wait to see more shower pics.

  3. You look fabulous! Love that pic of you guys :)

    Can't believe he's almost here!