Two Years as Mrs.

Two years have come and gone since this happened...

and this...

and this...

aaaand this...

Normally, with my bi-monthly marriage updates, I provide an update on the status of various aspects of our relationship. I provide a glimpse into what I'm learning. But because I think my two-year post is going to wrap up this series and there are new and different countdowns happening in our life, that format just seems ill-fitting.

I'm genuinely at a loss for words. 

I just love my husband so much, and anything I attempt to say could do little justice to truly describe him. He is kind, sweet, attentive, goofy, loving and the idea that we get to raise a little boy who will one day to grow up to be just like him, blesses me beyond belief. 

Our relationship has evolved since we met nearly four years ago. We've grown older and matured together. Our priorities have changed and I like to think our (my) selfishness continues to be chipped away with every day, week and month together. I feel as though I've become less independent over the last two years, which is something I was truly terrified of at the onset of our relationship. But it looks different than I thought it would. While our marriage allows me the freedom to comfortably be myself (I usually spend Friday nights enjoying a book or some Netflix in the solitude of our home, while Chuck catches up and socializes with his family); it has seriously altered the way in which I think and make decisions. Marriage constantly forces you to think of someone outside yourself. It causes you to evaluate how your decisions and emotions will affect someone else. 

There was a time when that scared me. But now, I am grateful that my marriage has turned me into a less selfish and more selfless person. I also feel like it has better prepared me for motherhood. 

As for my husband, well, not much has changed. He still the cutest, cuddliest bear around. Although I always knew he was destined to be an amazing father, it is such a blessing to watch him prepare for this new role firsthand. His excitement, devotion and steadfastness truly grounds me every time the enormity of this new journey threatens to bowl me over. 

For every time I overreact, he calms me. For every time I over-think, he humbles me. For every time I do something deserving of retaliation, he responds with love.

It is a frustrating, enlightening, and humbling experience to marry someone better than yourself. But I am thankful every day for the privilege of walking through life by the side of this man and am so grateful that every day, he helps me become a better person.

Happy 2nd Anniversary, my love. 
You are simply wonderful.