28 Weeks

Baby Pep,

This week has been full of all kinds of adult activities. That sounded wrong. On Saturday, your Daddy worked from home all day while I ran some errands and lounged around for the latter part of the day. Daddy spent the night in Cincinnati with your Papaw who is still in the hospital and in need of some company. On Sunday, I drove down to meet him so we could buy the car we've been leasing for the last three years. We’re going to own both our cars! Woah, so grown up! 

For the last several months, we have not been good about sticking to the lessons we learned in our Financial Peace classes. But after some unexpected expenses threw us into a tailspin, your Mama buckled down and worked out a zero-based budget for next month. Mommy and Daddy went over the budget together, and while we've had to make some sacrifices for October (skipping out on a friend’s out-of-town wedding, cancelling Netflix and implementing No-Spend October), it felt really good to feel like we were proactively facing our debts head on. Daddy is going to keep working as much overtime as he can and your Mama is looking for some part-time, work-from-home opportunities to supplement our income. Maternity leave will be here before you know it, and we want to be sure we’re covered while I’m home with you!

After our Budget Committee meeting, Daddy stayed in Cincy, while I drove back home to get some much-needed housework done. With Papaw being in the hospital, your Daddy has been helping out the family as much as he can so we haven’t seen much of each other lately. I sure do miss your Daddy, but I’m excited to have the weekend to spend with him- just the two three of us! J

As usual, you've been moving like crazy. I finally captured one of your little kicks on camera and have been starting to feel your hiccups the last couple days. I started organizing our loft area upstairs where your nursery will be, but there’s a lot that remains to be done. For such a little person, you sure do have a lot of stuff! I’m anxiously awaiting my baby shower in a few weeks and I can’t wait for you to “meet” some of your Mommy’s best friends! I’ve got another appointment with my midwife next week and hopefully they’ll tell me that I passed my glucose test. After that, I’ll start going to see her every two weeks. The end is drawing nearer and nearer, little one and you’re going to be here before we know it! Just stay safe in there until then ♥


Just for fun- a comparison shot:


  1. You look so cute!! Even if it doesn't feel like it ;) And someone gave me a tip because my legs were cramping when I woke up...like excruciating leg pain. Anyway, she said point my feet up (instead of pointing them) when I stretched when waking up. And it worked! I don't know why, but I didn't get any more pregnancy leg cramps. I was at a loss because I was trying to drink tons of water and eat bananas (for potassium), but only pulling my feet up while stretching worked. Maybe it'll help you.

  2. You look amazing! That course sounds like something I could benefit from. Well done in your planning for October! Good luck.

  3. Don't remember via what blog I found your blog, but congratulations on your little one! We are due with our first in April :)

  4. You look so great! Sorry about the leg cramps, though. That sounds painful! Good for you buckling down on your finances! It's hard, but it will be worth it :)