Oh Hey, Friday | Because I Have Nothing to Write

Aren't link-ups a beautiful cure for writer's block?!

1 | Current read? Four: A Divergent Story Collection. Because who doesn't want to spend more time imagining Theo James sans-shirt? (You're welcome).

2 | Currently loving? My awesome co-worker who brought me in a huge bag of baby boy hand-me-downs. Yay, baby clothes! 

3 | Current need? A haircut. As evidenced by the photo above. It's probably been a year since my last and my layers are crying out for attention.

4 | Currently planning? A dinner date for our two year anniversary. How have I been married for almost two years...with a baby on the way?! Sometimes I feel like growing up is all about going through the motions while remaining a kid at heart. I'm just happy I married a fellow kid to play with for the rest of my days :)


5 | Currently feeling? Exhausted. Work has been crazier than usual lately and will likely continue to be through the end of the month. I love what I do and I'm so thankful to be busy rather than bored, but by the end of the workday, my brain is mush!


  1. too precious. What a blessing it was to get hand me downs for new baby boy.

  2. Congratulations on the baby! How exciting!.

  3. TWO years, wow! I think you're right about the grown-up thing. Sometimes I sit back and am completely shocked at how adult my life looks, while I feel the same on the inside as I always have!