The Old Wives' Tales Say...

Our 20-week ultrasound is exactly one week from today. We cannot wait to find out the gender, but until then I've been entertaining myself by looking up the old wives' tales for predicting a baby's gender. Here's what they said:

Chinese Gender Chart: 

Using your age at conception, according to the lunar calendar, and the month you conceived the Chinese gender chart tells me we're having a boy!

Heart Rate: 

Apparently, if baby's heart rate is below 140, you've got yourself a boy. At my last appointment, my midwife said I was in the 150-160 range. Must be a girl?

Parent History: 

I found this one on BabyCenter. If you're the eldest child, you will have what your mother had, starting with her second child. I have one younger sister, so I'm thinking girl!


If you find yourself moody, apparently a little girl's hormones to blame. Having a little penis inside of you supposedly keeps you happy and balanced. I haven't been overly moody, but this one's just weird.

Dream of Sex: 

This is another one found on BabyCenter. Apparently, whatever gender you dream about having, you'll actually have the opposite. I've only had one baby-related dream since finding out we were expecting. The baby was a boy...and he also had razor sharp teeth. Do with that what you will...

Morning Sickness: 

If your first trimester is more than a little rough, wisdom says you're carrying a girl. Considering Baby Pep has taken it very easy on me, this one is pointing to- boy.

Beauty Clues: 

The legends say, a girl will steal your beauty. Well, this Mama has no pregnancy glow to speak of, and her skin is far from clear.

Hubby's Weight: 

If your partner starts packing on the pounds, you're more likely to have a girl. Chuck has been concentrating on getting healthier for baby and has actually lost weight. Could this mean boy?

Carrying Low/High: 

It's been said that, if you're carrying high, you're most likely carrying a girl. Carrying low? Boy. Chuck's mom seems to think I'm carrying high- I'll take her word for it, since I have no idea how I'm carrying.

Baby Names and Mama's Intuition: 

We have names picked out for both genders, but there's still a little uncertainty surrounding the boy name. They say, if you can only agree on names for one gender, it's more likely. I'm also leaning more toward girl, so who knows!

> > >

So, basically, Old Wives Tales are just that. Tall tales. There's only one way to find out Baby Pep's gender and it's only a week away. 

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  1. awwwww!!!! most of the wives tales told me wrong for all three of my pregnancies! I just revealed I'm having a girl this time! I hope you get what you want but most of all a healthy full term baby ;) !!!! <3 Christin

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  2. My friend found a Chinese prediction chart and did it for when our mothers would have conceived US...and both of them were bang on. Soooo, for that purpose I'm going to say 'boy', but for some reason I just can't see y'all with a boy! Haha torn!