The 4th, Vacation and Baby Things!

My sister and I in Cape May circa 1993.
Happy 4th of July, bloggy friends!

First of all, thank you so much for all the love you shared with me yesterday regarding our news! The last few months have been an emotional whirlwind to say the least, so I am so grateful of the support.

Today, I will be sending this blessed national holiday with friends. Chuck and I are hosting a get-together at our place this evening, which consequently has a perfect view of the fireworks set to go off in the park across the street. After a night filled with patriotic fun with our loved ones, we'll be taking off first thing in the morning for a week-long family vacation in my favorite place in the world- Cape May, New Jersey.

Something tells me you might want to stick around, though. 

Big things have been happening around these parts and I plan to take advantage of my week away to start getting caught up to speed.

I'm off to the beach, don't wait up! ;)

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