Catching Up: 9 Weeks

Written May 21, 2014

Baby Pep,

I saw you, I finally saw you! You're just a little peanut right now, but Mommy got to hear your heartbeat at her first appointment two days ago and she'd be lying if she said she didn't well up a little. Your Daddy debated whether or not to come to the appointment, but I persuaded him not to, because I knew they were most likely just going to be asking me about my medical history and I wanted him to save his personal time for more exciting appointments down the road. In hindsight, I wish he had come so he could have heard your little heartbeat, too!

This is a big week for us- not only did I meet my potential midwife (though I wasn't super crazy about how rushed I felt so I might try out a different office), but this is the weekend we're going to tell your grandparents! Your Grandma and Grandpa are coming down to visit for Memorial Day weekend and we have a cute idea of how to break the news. Then we're hoping to go over to your Papaw and Nonnie's house and surprise them, as well, with a very special bottle of wine. I'm so nervous and anxious to break the news- I just want our secret to be out in the open!

Wish me luck, baby Pep! You are going to be so, so loved by your family.


This shirt is deceiving- no bump yet!


  1. Congratulations! So exciting :]


  2. Such a beautiful little peanut! But boo to rushing midwives! That's no good!