A Dress Just for Me | eShakti Review

It's not often that my little ol' blog is contacted to do a product review. And it's even less frequent that I accept an offer to do a product review because, let's face it- there are some weirdos out there. However, I had seen some of my favorite bloggers talk about eShakti before and I loved the concept of a website that offered affordable (and I actually mean affordable, I buy almost all my clothes secondhand) clothing that was customizable.

After searching through a ton of options, I decided on a dress straight out of a Stepford Wives' closet. When it comes to dress sizes, I'm a pretty standard size 6, but I wanted to test out their customize option, so I decided to change the sleeve length to a 3/4 sleeve and add pockets. Because who doesn't love pockets?! My order arrived about 2 weeks later, I'm assuming because 1. The customizing would take awhile and 2. The dress was shipped from India.

Very visible smudges on the included sash.
When I opened up the package, there was a small sash (that I'm still unsure of how to include in the ensemble) that was a little dirty, so my first impression was a little dismayed. There were also a couple loose threads on the dress that I promptly picked off. 

Upon trying on the dress, I was pleasantly surprised, however. It fit me like a glove and I was totally smitten with the included pockets. My only criticism would be the tightness of the sleeves. I was very restricted in the shoulder area and when I later decided to toss Frisbee with my Hubby, heard an audible tear when I reached to catch a high-flying toss. May I suggest not playing Frisbee in a brand new dress?

Overall, I give eShakti a 'B' rating. Would I order from them again? Possibly. I don't know that I would regularly shop with them, but if I wanted a custom fitted dress for a wedding, shower, etc, they would be the first website I would look to!

Also, I clearly should never model clothing ever again.

If you're interested in trying out eShakti for yourself, you can get $25 off your first order when you sign up! Considering most of their clothing is in the $50 range, that's half off!

And if you do order from them, let me know what you think!


  1. Such a bummer that they sent you something visibly dirty, but I think you look adorable!

  2. That is so odd that they would send you something smudged! I'm really happy that you were honest in your review and included that though, that's honestly rare! And the dress does look really good :)

    <3 Daryl
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  3. If it makes you feel better I just got an order from Express and the item was dirty... I suppose it can happen with any company, and is definitely a bummer! Cute dress!!