26 on the 26th

On Saturday, I turned a whopping 26 years old...on April 26. Yay, even numbers!

I had tossed around several ideas for what I wanted to do. Dance party with friends? Girls day out? Game night? But to be honest, April has kind of kicked my ass. And it's kicked my baby sister's ass. For the last two weeks my Dad has been in and out of the hospital. He is physically and mentally done. And my sister and I are emotionally exhausted from all of it. We want him to regain his strength, kick short-term rehab's ass and be able to live an independent life once again. Or we want him to pass, and finally be at peace. This middle ground we're in right now, and have been in since his stroke 15 years ago, is completely torturous. 

So this weekend, there were no dance parties, no girls' day happenings- it was just me and my sister. Being emotionally exhausted together. It is the only thing I could have possibly asked for.

Chuck, Kelly and I went to see Bears (amazing, by the way!), rented bikes and rode through the city, had a delicious lunch at Olive Garden and came home to a night filled with Cards Against Humanity and Scattergories. On Sunday, we did some window shopping, had a mini-Friends marathon and took a much-needed afternoon nap.


The fun, relaxing weekend we all needed.

My 26th was a great birthday and I can't wait to see what this year has in store. I think it's going to be a good one! :)


  1. So happy that you got your birthday wish! I'm believing with you that this year is your best yet. Wish we could have seen Kello :), but I totally understand that need to just veg with someone who knows you so well. Prayers continue for your dad and it blesses me to know that you will handle whatever outcome he chooses. It's never too late...I love you, Kaity! MS

  2. Happy birthday! I'm sorry you were so exhausted, but it must be so nice to have a sister there to help you--and be exhausted with you!

  3. Happy Golden Birthday! I celebrated my golden this year too!

  4. So fun! I had my golden birthday on Saturday as well :)

  5. Happy Golden Birthday! Sorry to hear that you are in such limbo with your Dad. Praying for peace for you all.