Book Review: If You Ask Me

This review has the potential to be the most boring and uncreative ever...simply because Betty White is the most freaking adorable person on the face of this planet, duh. It's no surprise that her recent memoir makes her even more delightful and endearing. Plus, as I listened to her musings (audiobook alert!) about her career and her love of animals, I had to constantly remind myself that I wasn't listening to my own grandma. My Grandma (aka. my role model) reminds me so much of Betty White that it was doubly sweet to listen to her thoughts on acting, marriage and Coco the gorilla!

Goodreads describes this book as
Drawing from a lifetime of lessons learned, seven-time Emmy winner Betty White's wit and wisdom take center stage as she tackles topics like friendship, romantic love, aging, television, fans, love for animals, and the brave new world of celebrity. If You Ask Me mixes her thoughtful observations with humorous stories from a seven- decade career in Hollywood. Longtime fans and new fans alike will relish Betty's candid take on everything from her rumored crush on Robert Redford (true) to her beauty regimen ("I have no idea what color my hair is and I never intend to find out") to the Facebook campaign that helped persuade her to host Saturday Night Live despite her having declined the hosting job three times already.
Betty White is a hoot and I would absolutely recommend this for a quick, light-hearted read. While Betty is no professional writer, her charisma and sweet nature completely won me over. Which is why I gave this book...

FOUR out of FIVE stars!!! 

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Are you a Betty White fan, too? Have you read any of her other books?
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  1. I adored this book, she is so freaking amazing. She's sweet and kind and funny and lovely. All the things she does for her fans are remarkable. All that she has accomplished is remarkable....the only problem with this book is it makes me feel like a lazy, scared little girl for not accomplishing more of the things I want to. She's in her 90's and she's still going out there and doing so much! What an inspiration.

  2. Love her! I've been wanting to read her book :)

  3. She reminds me of my Grandma Tootsie. Ask Chuck - he'll elaborate.