My Husband is Hotter than Me

Right around the time that Black Friday 2013 lured me into its depraved grasp, I also had the great misfortune of receiving the money from my retirement fund at my last job. So I did what any wise financial connoisseur would do- put it in savings. Ha! Almost had you, didn't I? Really though, I was wise enough not to squander all of it, but when ModCloth advertised 50% off, there was no way I was passing up the opportunity to expand my abysmal collection of work attire.

My much-awaited package was sitting on my doorstep on Saturday covered in snow and I was thrilled. This morning was the first day I got to show off one of my new ensembles and Hubby couldn't stop telling me how much he liked it. His minor compliment inflated my already unnecessarily large ego and I couldn't resist the urge to pretend to be a fashion blogger for 30 seconds.

But my efforts were in vain. For shortly after I snapped this superficial bathroom selfie, Chuck tried on the new Black Friday sweater I got him and totally stole my thunder.

Thusly driving home the point that my husband is way hotter than me. Derek Zoolander couldn't compete with this sexy smoulder ;)