Damn Good

Over the summer, I wrote a post about my fears. I feared I would never find a job I loved. A job I was good at. I didn't know it at the time, but I was nearly two months away from leaving the job I was sort-of-okay-at-but-really-didn't-enjoy for the job that was virtually designed for me.

I've been working at the Food Bank for about a month and a half now and I feel completely comfortable in saying that for the first time in my life, I love my job.

Today, the event I have helped see into fruition was held. The partners I work with came from all over Ohio to attend this celebration where I would give a handful of presentations and help facilitate dialogue between them. Being that I'm as introverted as I am, you might think that I dread public speaking. Granted, it's not one of my favorite things, but over the years I've gotten pretty good at it. In grade school, I ran for Student Council every year from 6th grade until my senior year. I gave a speech in front of the entire school telling them why they should vote for me as their Treasurer. If memory serves me correctly, I'm pretty sure I ran unopposed every year. But the experience of getting in front of 300ish students to rattle off my underdeveloped resume was totally invaluable.

Taken shortly after my Hubby made a fantastic dinner,
and shortly before I thanked him by making him listen to my redundant speech-recitation. 
In college, my best friend and I co-led our campus chapter of International Justice Mission, a Christian humanitarian organization that seeks to end slavery and sex trafficking. Laura was a business major and handled all of the logistical stuff. Me on the other hand, I led the weekly prayer during our meetings and spoke on on-campus events, raising awareness for the work of IJM. I was so passionate about what I was speaking about, and I rocked it.

So today, when I had to present to a group of about 100, I had a speech in hand, practice under my belt (I may or may not have subjected Chuck to my speeches for a solid half hour at the dinner table) and caffeine flowing through my veins. I got up there, barely glanced at my speech and I once again, rocked it.

At the end of the day as I was leaving to go home, my supervisor complimented me, and her positive feedback meant the world to me. It felt so good to be validated, to be told that I am an asset to my organization (my words, not my supervisor's).

All this is to say, not only am I loving my job, but I am damn good at it.


  1. Congrats girl! It is SO fun to see you loving and thriving in your job!! Yes, that job definitely sounds like it was made for you! Love love love your heart:) have a great weekend, love Katie

  2. love this :) this gives me hope. i have no idea what i want to do in life but im keeping the faith that i will find something i am as passionate about as you are your job. happy for you!

  3. I forgot to ask you yesterday how it went!! Obviously PERFECT!!! I'm not surprised in the least. So proud of you, Kaity the Best! Also, on my way home from Cols, I saw your Food Bank! So fun. Love hearing how much you enjoy your job and I AND I love the way you practiced on Chuck! Dinner does look yummy....:)
    Good Things Happening!

  4. Congrats on the presentation! And is that a Leinie's that I see on your table? Excellent choice :)