Baby Bucket List

Have I mentioned lately that Husband and I have baby on the brain? Oh, only about 17 dozen times? Well, allow me to make that 17 dozen plus one.

We are growing more and more excited about the prospect of parenthood, but we've also concluded that there are a lot of hurdles we'd like to overcome before we make such a life-altering commitment. For one thing, since we've been married, Chuck and I have always had opposing work schedules. We've become acclimated to fitting each other into our sparse free time. We make it work, but it's no secret that we miss each other.

You might remember me mentioning the other day that both Chuck and my love language is "quality time." He truly is my best friend, and I know that these early years of our marriage are going to be the only chance we have in this life to be young and able to just enjoy each other.

We decided we wanted to create a Baby Bucket List of sorts. Or the list of things we want to make sure we accomplish before jumping in to a life of breast pumps, pack-and-plays and diaper rash. It's not long, but we're pretty determined to see it through.

number one

Go to Disney World.

Does anyone remember this commercial from the 90's?!
"I've been waiting my whole life to meet you."

Or really, taking any "second honeymoon" trip would probably be enough to check this item off the list. But Chuck is an avid Disney fan. Possibly even more than me. And he's never been to the Happiest Place on Earth. I would absolutely love to be the one to accompany him for his first Disney trip!

number two

Purchase a king-size bed.

I'm in love with this white/gold bedroom!

How both Chuck and I manage to sleep night-after-night in our miniature full-size bed legitimately defies all laws of physics. We've been pining away for a king size bed for awhile now, and if we have any hopes of adding a pregnant belly to our lives, the purchase is a necessity.

number three

Pay off my credit card.

Our financial guru, Dave Ramsey.

I've shared before the extent of my student loan debt. Although, it's not pretty, it is manageable. My credit card debt, however, is a combination of bad decision making when I was young(er) and naive and the result of us needing to cover our ass when we made our recent move to Ohio. I don't like it hanging over our heads, and it would certainly be one less thing to worry about before a mini-Stuckert were to arrive!

> > >

What items are on your Baby Bucket List?


  1. We've been ready...infertility SUCKS! :( You have a good list, though. Doesn't hurt to pay off debt, take a great vaca, & definitely get that bigger bed! We have a queen, which is fine, i suppose, but a full is even smaller, right?! Whenever we go on vacations, we always get a room with a king-size! Haha! We didn't know what we were missing til our first year anniversary trip! :)

  2. Our biggest bucket item is to just keep traveling as much as can before "trying". Thankfully, we've taken a lot of trips, but that stupid travel bug makes you just want to go on more and more :-P

  3. Brilliant idea! We might just follow suit ;)