One Year Anniversary Photoshoot

Way back in the day when our one year anniversary was looming, I decided I wanted to surprise Chuck with a photoshoot on the North Shore of Pittsburgh. I wanted to commemorate our life together in Pittsburgh (little did I know, not only days later I would accept a new position in Ohio!) I found an inexpensive, local photographer because I had zero connections in the Steel City, and as it turned out, we totally hit the jackpot.

Amy of Amy Dugan Photography could not have been sweeter and she totally allowed us to be our weirdo, goofy selves throughout the hour we spent with her.

Now that we're settled in Ohio, I am so stinkin' glad I had the idea to document our time in Pittsburgh! Plus, we got great pictures that we can't wait to use for Christmas cards.

Be prepared for photo overload...

Thanks again, Amy!


  1. OH! It's the yarn bombed bridge! Fun!!
    Glad you found someone that worked out! Beautiful photos and you are kind of even wearing Pittsburgh colors haha. Did you mean to do that!? :)

  2. I love your yellow dress! These photos turned out so nicely!

  3. Beautiful pictures, love that yellow dress :)

  4. I love love love these!!! Y'all are such a cute couple. Love the pittsburgh background. Beautiful!

    We do 1-year pics every year. Our anniversary is in November, so it's our anniversary/christmas-card pics. :) We didn't do them one year, but the rest of them we have. I usually just look for a photographer running a deal - they do a lot around the fall! It's so fun to look back at each year of marriage!

    She did a great job! Beautiful pics of y'all! :)

  5. Oh, what a sweet idea. These photographs are so cute and lovely. I love your bright yellow dress in contrast to his black outfit.

  6. Aww they all turned out so adorable!!!