Best July 4th Ever!

I'm calling it- yesterday was my absolute best Fourth of July in recent memory. And I can pretty much attribute that to my fun-loving, wonderful hubby.

We had plans to spend the holiday in Ohio with Chuck's family, but because he has to work tonight, we'll only get to spend Saturday and Sunday with them. It's not ideal, but we decided we were going to make the absolute best of our time alone together in Pittsburgh because one-on-one time is nearly impossible to come by.

We started out our day around 11:00 AM...because it's Independence Day- when else do we have the freedom to sleep in like teenagers?! 

We awoke wearing the same outfit. Embarrassing.

We decided we were going to start off our day by cleaning out apartment from top to bottom. Which I realize, doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun. But our mental health is seriously contingent upon the cleanliness of our residence. A well-vacuumed and dusted room makes for a very happy Kaity.

Going for that sexy librarian look ;)

Once our home was spic and span, we showered and donned our patriotic attire to take a walk to a newly opened frozen yogurt place that I've been eyeing for weeks. 

After our visit to berry quool, we dropped by our local CVS to stock up on some movie-going treats. Arizona teas, Reeses cups and Starbursts abound as we made our way back home just in time to make it to our local Drive-In movie theater.

I'd been craving a cheeseburger all day so I was so excited by the plethora of greasy, drive-in food. I went to town on cheeseburgers and laughed my booty off at Despicable Me 2 (go watch it- sooo funny!) and then did my best to attentively watch Man of Steel for Chuck's sake.

All in all, it was the perfect day.

I told Chuck that my favorite part about marriage is having a built-in best friend. We have so much fun together and I know it probably goes without saying, but he is my favorite person in the world!

We toasted our cheeseburgers to days off from work, the men and women who've sacrificed their lives for our freedom and to being in love with our best friend.



  1. That does sound like a perfect 4th of July!! :) And how much fun to spend it with your love! I love how you refer to marriage as having a "built-in best friend" - so true! Love it!

  2. Those are the exact movies playing at our drive in right now. I have been wanting to go for a while, now I just need to get Craig on board! Sounds like a perfect way to spend your 4th!

  3. Cleaning seriously is good for mental health! Sounds like a good holiday, for sure!