When Life Isn't Interesting

I've been blogging for four and a half years. Not consistently and not always intentionally, but this space has existed for quite some time and witnessed a tumultuous and exciting ride. For four months at its inception I lived in sub-Saharan Africa and documented my experience living in a whole other world. Upon my return, I wrote infrequently about life in Philly, working at an HIV/AIDS services organization, camping out in front of the Supreme Court and up and moving to a strange town in Ohio after graduation.

Then I met Chuck, fell in love, and we began a life together. It was an eventful life- a life filled with long-distance calls, a graduate school acceptance, a move to the big city, brand new grown-up careers, a new apartment and wedding planning. In short- we experienced a whole heck of a lot of life changes in a very brief amount of time. 

And then we got married.

And after vows were exchanged, a honeymoon flight returned and Thank You cards were sent, life steadily slowed. 

These days we work. A lot. We pay our bills, fall asleep in our tiny, concave double bed and look forward to Saturday mornings when we make smoothies, have tickle fights and chase each other around the house.

Life isn't particularly interesting. But it's good, really good. Our marriage is still young and our hopes and dreams for the future are at times, idealistic. But as it turns out, my un-exciting life continues to make me more happy and more fulfilled than its former adventure-seeking counterpart. 

Marriage is far better than I ever imagined it would be.

And sometimes, I even get to come home to this:


  1. A simple life is much more enjoyable than a crazy one. I love spending time with my boyfriend, even if it's just watching trashy tv. I wouldn't trade it for anything else =)


  2. I'm more for a simple life these days. Simple is good!

  3. haha i love that about marriage...being surprised by the other person...even when they are doing something incredibly weird!

  4. I think normal lives/routines are important and interesting. It sounds like you have done some pretty incredible things in the past though!

  5. I'm all for simple, personally. Simple can be very rich and full. And there's more time to be asparagus walruses!

  6. Oh, you lucky girl!

  7. love love love love MARRIAGE! Loved this post!!