Thursday Thoughts: Gender Equality

Last week’s Thursday Thoughts post stirred up quite a discussion around these parts. I was ecstatic that so many intelligent and articulate ladies stood up to the plate to sound off on their take on feminism. I had some awesome moments of insight e-mailing back and forth with a handful of bloggers who all had an opinion to share.
Somehow or another, most of the conversations took a similar turn. Our words revolved less around feminism, per se and more about gender equality in general. I feel as though it’s equally unjust for a woman to be deprived of her full potential by the corporate glass ceiling as it is for a man to feel emasculated for choosing to be a Stay-at-Home-Dad. Nor do I think a woman should be chastised for choosing to be a homemaker. I simply want to live in a world where no one is limited in their pursuits simply because of these odd social norms we abide by.

Who decided women have to be the ones to cook and clean? Who decided that only men are capable of physical labor?
The good news is, I was so encouraged when multiple ladies shared with me that their father or a member of their family chose to stay home with their children. It illustrated to me that although we have a ways to go our society is moving in a more equal and free direction. Power to the people!
Sound off- what are your thoughts on gender equality?


  1. This one gets me! I am a lawyer, yes thought of as a man's job once. I get put into a box... I'm either a bitch or too nice. Why can't I just be.. ME? Why can't I be as good as my male co-workers without having to be either a bitch or seen as weak? Why do I have to work harder, longer, bill more just to be seen as equal? More women graduate from law school, yet men still get hired more and make more... Gender equality is far from here. We may be closer in some respects, but yes certain professions still are far from seeing the glass ceiling broken.

  2. I agree - we just gotta keep movin. & that little girl is bad assss. Love that picture.

  3. I love this post! Girls can do whatever they please to do!! Great thoughts!


  4. I totally agree.

    This reminds me of a few weeks ago, a local radio station posted on their facebook page a young celebrity's photo (she was wearing a very sexy outfit and she was partying), and put a degrading comment like "She's a mess!" Then a bunch of people (men and women included) started commenting in the same manner about how her being sexy and partying is so wrong.

    Let me just say here that I am NOT talking about Lohan. The young lady we are talking about has never been in trouble with law or anything, she is just young, celeb, and enjoying herself because it was her birthday.

    I felt SO SAD to see all the comments about how much of "slut" she was (note: I don't believe in that word) etc. It was frustrating to see all these adult cyber-bullying a young woman because of her choice of dress.

  5. completely agree with you! i think you're pretty amazing! :)

  6. That picture is awesome. And i agree w/ you too. I am saddened by things like your first comment - she is seen as a bitch or as weak. Has to work harder & longer & bill more just to be considered equal. It's just really not fair.

    My husband takes out the trash & I clean the bathrooms & dust. But he always helps with laundry & vaccuuming. So really we are a team & just do the chores we hate less. ;)

    My cousin is a stay-at-home dad! Which i think is really cool. He got his degree & was working... but then he & his wife had twin babies, and then he was laid off from his job. They talked about it & decided for her to go back to work & him to stay home. He LOVES it & is an absolutely wonderful father. :)

    I personally would HATE that b/c i WANT to stay home w/ my kids & would be so jealous if hubby was the one who got to! Hahaha! But it is different for women who want to be in the workplace.