Four Months as Mrs.

It's so crazy to me that we've been married four months. I remember anxiously awaiting the day when I could say we had been dating for four months so we'd feel like a more legitimate couple. Silly 22-year old, Kaity.

Four months as a Mrs. is longer than my only other dating relationship. Ha!

Four months as a Mrs. has gone by so much faster than as a girlfriend, or a fiance.

Four months as a Mrs. has prompted me to share my smattering of thoughts on the matter, so here goes.

After four months...

I still can't believe I'm married.

I'm probably giving Chuck a complex with how many times I say this- but I really never believed I'd be a wife. Let alone, one of the first of my friends to get hitched. 

I remember one of my friends describing me as a dandelion seed. Just floating on a summer breeze until I found a good spot to land. That's how I lived my life and how I always thought I would. Then, BAM! Chuck happened. All of a sudden this dandelion grew roots. 

It's been a weird pill to swallow. Not good, or bad. Just different. A couple weeks ago I was telling Chuck about this full-tuition scholarship I found for a school in Massachusetts that I could be eligible for. After we sat down and talked about it, it was obvious that it just wasn't a realistic pursuit for me. A couple years ago, I wouldn't have given it a second thought. 

I knew what I was signing up for when I recited my vows, and yet the notion of considering anyone but myself is so contrary to my nature that it's taking some adjusting. 


Most days, I still feel like a 16-year old inside. I've just come to terms with drinking in front of adults now that I've been legal for nearly four years. Imagine my discomfort when the topic of procreating arises.

But here's the thing. Sex between a husband and wife is not a dirty thing. Within the respectful bounds of my husband's privacy, it's something I want to talk about because frankly, not many people do. I've learned that dating sex and married sex are two very different things.

Dating sex is hormone-fueled. Dating sex is wondering what the other person thinks of your naked body. Dating sex is being mortified that someone is looking at your naked body. Yes, it's new and exciting, but it's also nerve-wracking, intimidating and awkward as hell!

Then comes married sex. Comfortable sex. Not comfortable, as in lazy or unromantic. But all that awkwardness and those insecurities are a thing of the past, and all that remains is a physical and emotional connection that is completely unparalleled. 

Granted, Chuck and I have aged about 5 years in the last one year. We went from free-spirited dating and a naive long-distance relationship to a married couple working a combined 120 hours a week. We're still learning how to find balance; something we'll hopefully have mastered by five months ;)

Chuck remains my BFF.

Despite my disbelief that I'm a married lady, in most ways, making the transition hasn't been as challenging as I thought it would be. I've effortlessly taken on his name, and haven't even goofed when jotting down my signature! My commitment fears haven't reared their ugly heads, either.

Life is easy when you're in love with your best friend.


  1. Happy 4 months! We will also be married for 4 months on the 8th. Married life is the best.

  2. "Life is easy when you're in love with your best friend." I couldn't have said it any better!

    Happy 4 months. It only gets better :)

  3. Hey! Happy 4 months!! (And I can totally relate to the sex thing.)

    Today is our 5-month married :)

  4. I love that you wrote about this. happy 4 months!

  5. Yay for four months, and for growing those dandelion roots together!

  6. I love that we are on the same track, happy 4 months!

  7. I love this post! So sweet!! I love how freely you talk about sex (i do too except on the blog - i think my uncle reads it. Just, no. HA!). Anyway, i have only had the married kind of sex & I agree, it is so comfortable but definitely not in a lazy unromantic way. ;)

    I love the pictures in this post, too!!

    Happy 4 months!

  8. Wow - four months! Many many more to bless you in the years to come! We're going on YEAR 22 in September. Talk about a lot of learning and adjusting! He's still my BFF! :)

    Happy Happy 4 MO!

  9. YAY! Happy four months to you guys!!


  10. Wow this is so sweet!! Congrats on 4 months, that's amazing :) I praise God that he is giving you a happy marriage :)

  11. You two make such a cute couple!! Congrats on your marriage friend!! May you be blessed!!

  12. Such a sweet post! You are ADORABLE!! Just wanted to say hi. :) Stopping by from Sugar and Dots. Have a wonderful first weekend of 2013! XO

  13. Congratulations! Marriage is the BEST.