Sunday Blessings

While Hubby is out picking up milk for our Sunday morning heaping bowls of cereal, I thought I'd seize the opportunity to report back on my Sunday Blessings :)

(Bee)autiful Blessings

job numero dos


Just imagine that's me, but with less time on this earth and more hair. 

I started and finished my cashier training yesterday! Am I slightly embarrassed when I tell people that my second job is as an oh-so-prestigious cashier at my local grocery store? Yes. But truth be told, it actually wasn't bad at all! My trainer said I picked up on everything quicker than he's seen any of his trainees do and I legitimately enjoyed figuring out how to bag correctly, greeting customers and finding the codes for all those odd items of produce. 

Just as with every opportunity in life- this job will be what I make of it. And I'm making the best!

cleaning up

Referring both to a productive Sunday full of cleaning, organizing and baking Christmas cookies! As well as how stinkin' good Hubby and I looked all cleaned up last night for a friend's Christmas party.


And speaking of said Christmas party- not only was I completely exhausted after working all day at the grocery store...on a weekend before Christmas, but I was feeling super overwhelmed being in a room full of people I didn't know. I'm an introvert to the max, but knew Hubby really wanted to get out and socialize so I sucked it up. We spent several hours eating yummy food, drinking yummy drinks and making small talk, but around 11:00 PM, I hit my wall.

I felt terrible for being such a party pooper, but Chuck was completely understanding and was content to just come home and snuggle in bed. I'm so appreciative for a man who understands me and is willing to do whatever it takes to make me happy. I'm just so stinkin' in love with him :)

How have you been blessed this week?!


  1. You'll make a wonderful cashier! Thanks for sharing! Don't be embarrassed about telling people your 2nd job, I think it's pretty cool and admirable that you're working two jobs! GO KAITY!
    Also, hope you had a great time at the Christmas party! :)
    Happy Sunday.

  2. Never be embarrassed about your job!

    I'm always the first to leave a party... simply because I am old and I have never been a night person. I like my sleep. :)