I'm an Offbeat Bride!

In the midst of the headache that is Election Day, I checked my e-mail to find that my wedding was featured on Offbeat Bride! Since I know I've already inundated my followers with plenty of wedding porn, I'll let the write-up speak for itself. I stalked this site the whole time I was wedding planning, so to be featured is beyond exciting!

Go HERE to check it out!


  1. Kaity!! Wow. Is there another word for wow?? Your wedding was so beautiful. Hey, just for the record, I don't get tired of wedding details (hence a lot of my blog posts! ;) Please don't stop talking about your wedding yet, it's too soon lol, or come over on my blog and share away! I'm always happy to discuss weddings (even if they already happened).

    And you know where you said something like "you had know idea how much goes into wedding planning until you're actually there"? I SO HEAR YOU. That's exactly how I felt/feel as well.

    You are blessed with amazing friends to have gone out the morning of the wedding to beautify the barn. From an outsider's point of view, I have to say that your wedding was perfect. You looked so beautiful, and all your faces are radiating with love! Your dress is phenomenal (I know I use a lot of adjectives but you can't see my reaction so I have to use words to express my admiration!) And the whole rainbow theme was a success. I'm so not surprised that your wedding was chosen to be featured. Well done! And congratulations darling!! xoxo