Sunday Blessings XXIV

It's Sunday- and a beautiful, miraculous and precious day to celebrate in everything that God has blessed me with this week! My heart has been so overwhelmed lately by God's goodness, His grace and His timing. As always, I'm taking time today to count my Sunday Blessings.

I sat up late Wednesday evening talking with Chuck's mom who was staying with us for the night. I talked about work- about how I found it frustrating and overwhelming at times, about the disconnect I felt with my co-workers who are all older than me, and about how I felt used as a pawn in some of the inter-office politics that go on. I didn't utter a word to God about it, but it was as if He heard the unspoken prayers of my heart. I went into work on Thursday and Friday and was greeted by positive attitudes, open hearts and encouraging conversations with two of my co-workers. It made me feel so thankful and comforted as I inwardly celebrated my three-month anniversary at the office.

I've been feeling so encouraged and inspired by some stellar Blogger ladies this week. 

First, I actually found this post through Pinterest and was so stunned by this beautiful woman's account. She told her birth story with more honesty and authenticity than I could ever hope to muster, and recounted the moments when she found out her sweet baby girl had Down Syndrome. Everyone should read this post by Kelle @ Enjoying the Small Things. But be warned, you will absolutely need tissues.

Second, was by a blogger I've followed for awhile. Mandy @ She Breathes Deeply. Mandy shared her discouragement with feeling lesser-than a friend who had a deep, burning passion for missions in this post. She reflected on what makes her come alive, and invited her readers to do the same. 

She Breathes Deeply

I sat and meditated on Mandy's words and came up with these things that make me come alive:
My love for Chuck. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Chuck's love for me has not only helped me to better understand the love of God, but has taught me how to love the way Jesus did.
Writing. Even if it's just to share the TV shows I've been watching, the recipes I've been making or the wedding I've been planning, not a day goes by when I don't feel this involuntary compulsion to write out every facet of my life. It's as if by jotting down these words, my life is made more real.
Africa. Uganda touched me in a way I didn't know I could be touched. But even before then, and since then, I've fallen in love with the unique countries and cultures found on that big continent. 
Humanitarianism. Whether it's fighting for LGBT rights, praying for the salvation of a young girl trafficked into the sex trade, or trying to feed and clothe just one more impoverished child, serving the least of these is what fulfills me. I cry over the hurt and brokenness in this world more than I would even care to admit, and it's my biggest dream to radiate the love of Christ and leave this world a better place than when I entered it.

Chuck and I had one lazy Saturday yesterday. I love those days- when you give yourself time to unwind and recuperate from the week. And just bask in the joy of being together. We jokingly made a pact that since in a few years we won't have the opportunity for lazy Saturdays with our big-headed ginger babies running around, we should try to be as lazy as possible every weekend and take advantage of our just-the-two-of-us time.

How have you been blessed this week?


  1. Did you realize that both blog posts you linked to both talk about Donald Miller?

  2. lazy time with the other half is the best