Halloween Rewind

I love Halloween. Actually, love would probably be an understatement. If there is any occassion to theme and dress up, I'm totally on board- so a holiday devoted to dressing up and eating chocolate? Umm...yes, please.

I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I've had some pretty phenomenal costumes throughout the years. Take a look...

I don't know what my mother was thinking putting me in this. I was an angel child...

Every cowgirl needs a horse!

My Mom likes to recycle. I totally rocked the devil horns better...

Enter my childhood: my sister being adorable 100% of the time, and me, I was just awkward.

Oh, those angsty pre-teen years...

I love how the Go-Go boots are complimented so well by the mouth full of metal.

I had dislocated my elbow and was hopped up on Percocet at this point. Not much memory of this Halloween...

Have I mentioned I love pin-up girls? :)

I rock creepy.

We go together...

What have your favorite costumes been throughout the years?!


  1. Love the Grease outfits!! I want to dress up this year...I need an idea to incorporate my big belly! Haha!

  2. i love the grease outfits the best! they are awesome. i love looking back at the various costumes i wore each year, my favorite was either a hershey kiss or the queen of hearts from alice and wonderland

  3. My mother definately put me in a devil's costume when I was about the same age... rude!