Busy {Bee}

I have so many good ideas...and so many things to write about! And yet, life continually seems to be in my way. Not to say I'm stressed, or overwhelmed. But changes are happening (yes, I realize how cryptic that sounded) and I'm busy!

In the spirit of disclosing my life, however, here's what I've been up to this past week:

Husband asked for a Reeses...so obviously, I threw the entire bag at him.

Assembling mini-photo albums for our family that couldn't make it to the wedding.
Also, because of my lady-like pose...let's just make the argument that leggings are pants.

While the husband is away,
the wife will eat her weight in popcorn chicken and antipasto salad whilst watching awful reality TV on MTV.com

Two months in, and our apartment still looks like we just moved in.
This was my attempt to make our bedroom look habitable.

Decided to take a walk on my lunch break and found this amazing hidden trail!

Look at me DIY!!! Did you see, did you see?!
Can you guess what my Halloween costume will be? ;)

Here's hoping next week will bring a breath of fresh air and an opportunity to get back into the swing of things. 

Until then, this busy {bee} will keep on buzzing!


  1. My apartment looked exactly like that for months!! I love the sweet idea of making albums for people who couldn't make it to your wedding!!


  2. I don't know what to guess for the Halloween costume...umm...is it a gold-colored fairy or princess dress?