Wedding Recap: Reception

I'm a little bit disappointed because I've been trying to relay my wedding weekend in chronological order and was hoping to have our professional pictures by now. No such luck. 

Since we were short on funds, we decided to hire our friend, Dani to take our formal pictures and ceremony shots and we would trust our friends and family to cover the reception. I mean, we do live in an age of Facebook!

So while this will be a little out of order, allow me to show you our goofy, laid-back, super fun reception at none other than our favorite hotel/pub in Wilmington, The General Denver....

We had about 20 minutes to kill before our DJ announced the bridal party. So we all hung out upstairs for a little while, I called my Grandma who wasn't able to be there and one of my BFFs, Matt, visited me before he had to leave early.

After our DJ, George, announced everyone, we went right into our first dance.

Which then led to an invitation to all the married couples to join us on the floor. 
George picked them off until the longest married couple was left standing.

It was none other than Chuck's parents- married 38 years!

After, I got to have my Father-Daughter dance with my step-dad, Kenny. 

He looks like this big, mean biker dude, but he's the biggest teddy bear you've ever met. 
He cried through the entire dance.

Then Chuck and his Mama shared their moment together.

He's a Mama's boy, through and through :)

 Once we were done with the obligatory dances, we passed on all the reception traditions (i.e. Cake cutting, bouquet toss, garter toss, etc.) and just danced the night away!

My bridesmaids are the hottest.

Hubby was getting hot in his wedding attire and went upstairs to change.

Apparently, he ran into my step-dad and they had some manly bonding time. Cutest guys ever.

My personal favorite shot of the night. 
My sister and I realized we have the exact same face when we dance.

Partway through, we got to see our wedding video, I had some one-on-one time with friends I hadn't seen in awhile and danced all night long. It was totally low-maintenance and fit our style perfectly.

All in all, our reception was awesome! We slept for about an hour when all was said and done and then it was off to Jamaica for a week of honeymooning.

I'll be back on Tuesday with more wedding recapping so come back and visit.

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  1. Looks like you all had a fun time! And I love your unique wedding dress style!!

  2. Awww it looks like such a beautiful and fun time!