Home Tour!

Since we're moving in a few short weeks, our landlord asked us to take a few pictures of our place so that he can begin looking for new tenants. I realized I never even took pictures of our place since we've lived here and it might be nice to document our first Pittsburgh residence.

I found our current apartment on Craigslist and after being toured shady, run-down apartment complexes, I jumped on this one. It was in our price range, was newly remodeled and had a perfect back porch for gardening. It will be bittersweet to leave this place that has been our Pittsburghian Home-Away-From-Home. But we're moving onto bigger and better things, and need a place that will cut down on our crazy work commutes (it literally takes me two hours to get home from the time I leave work!).

Our budget hasn't allowed us all the decorating I'd love to be able to do, but we've made the most of our small bedroom and limited closet space and are ready to say "Adios!" 

Here's a brief tour of our Pittsburgh Pad:

I took this picture the day Chuck's mom and I toured it and handed over the security deposit. We've been inhabiting the first floor of this historic building for the last year.

A couple weeks later, we packed up our belongings...

...and with a few hiccups along the way (including losing our mattress) drove the four hours from Wilmington, Ohio to Pittsburgh, PA.

My first big purchase for our new place was the couch. I lived in this apartment for about 3 months with absolutely no sitting area in the living room. It was awful. I finally purchased a beautiful, leather couch from a chain furniture store but the movers couldn't get it through our door. I ended up going to a new place, American Freight, and settling on this one because of the low back and it's worked out wonderfully!

A couple months later we went back to American Freight and picked out these coffee/end tables as well as our dresser and night stand. The TV, I bought for $15 at Goodwill and it's been perfect.

You'll notice the dresser and nightstand as I mentioned above. What you won't notice is the clothes rack to the left where all Chuck's shirts currently reside because our closet is so dang small! We were fortunate enough to receive this bedding set from my Grandma off my Bridal Shower registry, and Chuck's parents also bought us the much-needed bed frame we've been longing for- now we're just waiting for it to be delivered. Finally, no more sleeping on the floor!

Our bathroom is nothing fancy. But it looked even sadder a month ago without our bath mats. They were another Bridal Shower gift!

Lastly, our kitchen. This will probably be the thing I miss the most. Horror of horrors- our new apartment doesn't have a dishwasher. I've become so spoiled by having one, I don't want to return to a life of rubber gloves and Dawn dish detergent! #Firstworldproblems

This was such a great place to spend our first year in PA. But I'm so looking forward to the new chapter in our lives and our first newlywed home. Three-ish weeks until our move and almost one month til we wed! 

Praise God for all this goodness!


  1. oh I love that kitchen, but your right, on to the next!

  2. And to think just a few short months ago you couldn't imagine having a dishwasher! You get hooked FAST!

  3. I can't believe that it takes you TWO HOURS to commute to work... Good thing your new pad won't take so much time!

    I love the look of your old place... So cute and the architecture is fab!