Sunday Blessings XV

Happy Sunday everyone! I awoke (although reluctantly and groggily) for work this morning and was greeted by a beautiful sunrise. Summer is coming! This past week has seen a whole lot of birthday love and I'm so glad I get to share with you today, my...

(Bee)autiful Blessings

Where to start?! The Facebook and Blogger love I received put the hugest smile on my face. I love that birthdays give us an "in" to reconnect with the people we've lost touch with. I came home from work on my birthday to a clean home, a warm meal and Seasons 4 & 5 of Friends. My hubby knows me well! Friday night, we were able to go see Trans-Siberian Orchestra for Chuck's (belated) birthday. I have never had music bring me so close to tears. The performances were all phenomenal. We finished off the evening with Taco Bell at 12:00 PM. It was the most perfect, wonderful, fun birthday weekend...all with my best friend and love.

Working two straight weeks with no time off is not my idea of a good time. However, I cannot take for granted the fact that 1) I have a job, 2) I have a job that allows me great flexibility and 3) I have a job that could possibly be the easiest thing in the world...and lets me read all day!

(Or lack thereof). I finally got my remaining two grades for the Spring semester back yesterday- all A's! This past semester, while tiring, was so rewarding. I loved my classes and gained so much from them. It's easy to excel when you love what you're studying! In the mean time, I have approximately three months with nothing to do but read...for pleasure. Oh books, how I've missed you! I've challenged myself on GoodReads.com to read 212 books in 2012. Think I can do it?

I wasn't able to mention it last Sunday because I had pre-written my post, but while visiting Ohio we were able to attend our home Church. I know I've already raved about our Pastor on here, but being present for his sermon last Sunday was such a blessing. He really spoke to some of the things that I've been struggling with lately (i.e. how my selfishness can sometimes lead me to be oblivious of the everyday miracles taking place around me). That is, after all, why I always count my Sunday Blessings!

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  1. yeah! so glad to hear you had such a fun birthday!!

  2. Happy belated birthday! I am one of your newest followers and I can't wait to linkup next Sunday for this post!