Easter Sunday Blessings {Link-Up}

I apologize in advance because this post has enormous potential to be a little lengthy. But there's a lot to be grateful for on this Easter Sunday!

Before I begin counting my blessings, I have to provide some background for my timely Jesus high. Yesterday afternoon, my hubs was inspired to watch the film, Hotel Rwanda. I haven't watched it since my time in Rwanda nearly three years ago and frankly still don't feel like I have the strength to. I waited for his tears to subside and opened myself up to him as we discussed the horrors of what he'd just witnessed. 


I was overcome. I don't often talk about my time in Rwanda. Uganda, sure. But Rwanda was something of a jarring, overwhelming and sacred experience all wrapped into one. I tried to hold it together but at the reminder of everything I witnessed three years ago, I broke into hysterical sobs. I recounted for him the images of children who were slashed to death in their mother's arms, the feeling of being surrounded by thousands of skulls of people who were murdered during the genocide and the feelings of helplessness and heartbreak having listened to firsthand accounts of the terror in 1994.

We wondered aloud how our government, other Western governments and the governments of Rwanda's neighbors could have stood back and watched this travesty take place. How could we neglect innocent women and children? How could we allow such a mass amount of suffering to take place on our watch?

Witnessing such hurt is what continues to drive me in my career pursuits. As beautiful reflections of God, children should never have to experience such suffering. I admitted my frustration that I have such passion for healing the hurt in this world, but feel so useless and helpless. Chuck reminded me of what God continues to teach me, we cannot change the world by ourselves. But because of our faith in Jesus we can slowly change the world by small acts of love and kindness. It is my faith in Jesus which tells me that there is hope. That the world in which we live in, is not as it should be. That there is potential for the world to be a better place.

And isn't that what Easter is all about? Hope. Jesus' sacrifice for me, for us, was the ultimate expression of love. He has shown us what love looks like. He has shown us that there is hope for a better world. Because of his sacrifice, I have been given this opportunity to love, to hope and to leave this world a better place than when I entered it.

So with this amazing insight in mind, without further ado, here are my (Easter) Sunday Blessings...

(Bee)autiful Blessings

As I drove to work early this morning, I listened to a Christian mix CD an old friend made for me eons ago. I recalled the times in Youth Group together and how I felt as a reborn Christian. My friends old and new have continued to bless me with their presence in my life and continue to help me to grow in my faith. They are all expressions of love in my life.

My sister and I spent the longest time together this past week than we probably have in years. As we get older, distance separates us, but our love is as great as ever. Chuck's parents also stayed with us for a night. (It was a full house!) I am so blessed by them and continue to thank God that He has given me such godly, kind and loving in-laws.

And of course, where would I be without my Savior? Jesus saved my life. Not just in the usual "I am saved from eternal damnation" kind of way. But He saved me from a dangerous home, from being overcome by depression, from living a lonely and loveless life. His radical expression of love for me continues to humble and overwhelm me. I only hope that as I journey on in my life, I can radiate His love in everything I do.

Happy Easter everyone! 
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  1. Love this! I hope you had a wonderful Resurrection Day, Kaity!

  2. Happy Easter, I hope (and it sounds like) it was wanderful.

    Hotel Rowanda, and all such atrocities just tear me apart. I have had to watch and study many such things. Thankfully, I have not been exposed to much in person. I DO believe that faith is a big help. But I also believe that each individual persons DOES have the potential to change the world - some in big ways, some in small ways - but everyone can bring a little change.