Home Sweet Pittsburgh

I have approximately 10 minutes until hubby arrives home; at which point I will promptly tackle him and shower him with hugs and kisses. Suffice it to say that I have arrived back to Pittsburgh safely (after a 6 hour drive) from Small-Town, NY. The trip was much-needed and it was so nice to spend some one-on-one time with my Mommy and get loads of wedding stuff accomplished! My sister also took a couple days off from school so there was ample time for snuggles and Friends marathons. 

I'm currently in denial about the amount of work I've neglected that I'll have to catch up on bright and early tomorrow and I'm definitely going to devote some time to relaying all my wedding updates to my oh-so-loyal blog followers. But for now I've got a hubby homecoming to prepare for! 

I'll leave you with what I arrived home to...

As if I needed another reminder of why I'm marrying him...

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