Granny Lovin'

Despite my good intentions, this blog is arriving a little later than anticipated due to the sheer craziness of my course load this semester. But I couldn't let this adorable moment slip away...
*Written January 28*

I arrived home last night, a little bit perplexed as to why there was a package perched atop my mailbox. I had already received the books I ordered online and wasn't expecting anything from my Mom. When I looked at the return address label, I noticed it was from my Grandma. To provide a bit of background, my "Grandma" is not really my Grandma. She's the mother of my mom's mean ex-husband who was our saving grace during the times when his abuse took its toll. She provided us a safe haven when we needed it and now, seven years after the dissolution of my mom's second marriage, this amazing, kind and Godly woman will always be my Grandma.

I busted inside my apartment, searching for anything in the kitchen sharp enough to puncture the stellar tape job she had done to this mystery package. Having attacked it with a random steak knife, I opened it to find a stack of cookbooks and cooking magazines with an envelope lain across. Inside the envelope was a note that read, 

Dear Kaity,
Upon cleaning up after the holidays I came across these cooking books and I thought of you. Seeing your getting ready to be a future wife and homemaker, I hope they will be of some use for you and Chuck. Meantime I pray that thing are going well for you both and you become a terrific cook. Keep in touch.
Love, Gram

And there you have it: sweetest woman alive. Although my inner-feminist slightly cringed at the thought of being looked at as a "homemaker," I was so deeply touched by this small gesture. With a handful of cookbooks, my Grandma managed to convey to me the support of my blossoming relationship, hope for my future and her love for me as her "unofficial" grandchild.

Me, Grandma and Kelly circa 2006

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  1. That is so sweet. And there is something particularly wonderful about hand-me-down cookbooks.