The Frugal Fashionista

I have never written a fashion blog because, quite simply, I'm not very fashionable. However, I do believe that there is something to be said for looking cute on a budget. I am someone who cannot justify spending $40 on a blouse. First of all, I'm not a big fan of child labor. Secondly, to spend that much money on clothing seems frivolous and wasteful if you ask me. I am not too proud to wear secondhand clothing which is why I love Plato's Closet.

Unfortunately, no, I am not receiving any compensation for this post, but that won't stop me from promoting it! Plato's Closet could easily be described as a "classier" Goodwill. You can sell your gently used brand name items in return for cash or store credit and then customers such as myself get to buy them for at least half the price they originally cost in the store! Take a look at my most recent PC-inspired ensemble:

Granted, the pictures are not great. I was balancing my little Nikon on a Yankee Candle! The dress ($14), sweater (Express, $10) and boots ($12) were all from Plato's Closet! Does this outfit make me the next Vera Wang? Not so much. But for about $40 I pulled off a pretty cute look if I do say so myself. If your inner fashionista is crying out against your student, post-grad or new Mommy budget, I highly recommend Plato's Closet and the good news is, they're everywhere!


  1. Katy, we're popping over from BlogFrog as already big fans of the inspiration you serve up here. This post was great, as my favorite part was you balancing your camera on a candle. Now that, that's good stuff! Love it! We were so happy that we were already following your blog! Yippeee! We'll go let eveyrone else on BlogFrog know just how much you rock.

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  2. We don't have any here! There's one a few hours away, but that's the closest one. I used to go to PC all the time while in college!

  3. I LOVE thrift stores. Approx 70% of my wardrobe is 2nd hand and it has the great benefits of being budget awesome AND way more unique than department stores. Love this outfit, I'm a huge fan of colored tights and the red really makes it!

  4. Shut up. That is the cutest outfit EVER!!!!

  5. I'm always nervous to go into stores like Plato's Closet as my current size. I don't like not finding clothes. But since I'm well on my way to losing weight and getting fit, I am so looking forward to shopping at Plato's Closet and replenishing my wardrobe!

  6. Love that dress!! Also, can I just say your comment made my day! I've been feeling crummy today and you put a smile on my face!

    I hope you are having a wonderful Thursday!


  7. ahhh! i LOVE your outfit and i LOVE plato's closet! i am there every week. i used to work at one a few years ago! i scored the best outfits then. we'd get first dibs.

    my husband cracks up at my bargains. it's almost like a hobby (and a science).

    i couldn't agree more with what you said about not spending $40 on a top. i even hate to spend $20...lol
    i sometimes find tops for 2/3 bucks...i get a rush :)

    thanks for sharing <3
    have a fabulous weekend!

  8. YES! Plato's Closet is my favorite place to shop, too! It makes me happy!
    And that is a seriously adorable outfit, missy!

  9. Lookin' super cute, love those tights and boots!

  10. What?! I've never heard of this place and you look GORGEOUS! I want those boots in a seriously green-eyed-monster way.

    Hoping they have an online shopping option...