Sunday Blessings VIII

I'm finally home! After four hours spent battling wind, rain and a pretty spectacular New Years' hangover I've made it back to Pittsburgh in one piece. School begins on Wednesday and until then, I've got a lot to get done. Bills to pay, an apartment to clean and various school errands to run. However, I feel like I cannot even begin to ring in the new year without shedding light on my holiday blessings today, Sunday, January 1st, 2012!

I literally got to see all my friends and family in both Ohio and New York. Usually scheduling these types of reunions can be a trial, but everything came together beautifully and I was able to finally introduce Chuck to some of my best friends!

While on break, I finally got my grades in for my first semester of grad school. One "A" and two "B+"s made my final GPA 3.55. I was hoping for straight A's, but honestly, I think I deserve those grades so I'll just have to kick even more Food Studies butt this spring!

I had every intention of leaving Friday evening to return home because I was stressing about all I had to get done prior to beginning my spring semester. After a freak torrential downpour, however, I turned my car around and headed back to spend New Years' with all my friends, family and my love. So grateful God changed my plans, because it was an EPIC night!

Perhaps, our biggest and most exciting news is...Chuck got a job in Pittsburgh! He'll be making less money, but he'll have full benefits, be working for an amazing organization and best of all, we'll finally be living together! A true Christmas miracle!

I hope all your holidays were as blessed as mine. Happy 2012!

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  1. SO nice that you'll be living together! Congrats to him for finding a new job! Happy 2012! :)

    xo, Ana