I am Woman; Hear me Roar!

I'm not sure why, but for whatever reason, lately I've been confronted with the evil of sexism. At my place of work, I am often looked down upon, treated as incompetent, as a sex object or just plain subordinate. Today, after a very silly mistake was made by an instructor where I work that I corrected, he proceeded to claim that it was a result of "the world turning to shit" after "they learned to drive and started to vote." They, as in women. I had never before been so insulted and so enraged by someones's ignorance.

I believe in the equality of all people. Regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, etc. God lovingly created every person on this earth and delights in our individual uniqueness and diversity. So it comes as a shock to me when others have the audacity to say that anyone should be treated as inferior.

I love men. I do. I love their strength. Their intellect. Their ambition. But would I ever want to be one? Heck no! There is something so beautiful and sacred about women and their unique femininity. Regardless of how the message has been perverted, women are universally seen as a source of beauty. We are the voice of compassion and sacrificial love in the world. We were intentionally created to stand beside men and to be their source of strength when all had been drained by the evils of the world.

One of my favorite books is Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul by Stasi Eldredge. In it, she writes, 
"You see, women have been essential to every great move of God. Yes, Moses led the Isaelites out of Egypt, but only after his mother risked her life to save him! ...Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin put fire into people's heart to end slavery in the United States...Mother Teresa inspired the world by bringing love to countless thought unlovable. And millions of other women quietly change the world every day by bringing the love of God to those around them.”

As women, we are called to be the voice of God. In a world of hurt and brokenness, we are called to repair, restore and radiate the love of Jesus. Our compassion, our nurturing nature and our emotions are not a sign of weakness. They are a gift from God. And as a recipient of this tremendous and wonderful gift, 

Ladies, it's up to us to change the world!


  1. I am absolutely shocked that you had to hear this type of thing at your workplace! I have never had to deal with anything like this fortunately. Those kinds of statements are not only inappropriate and ignorant, they are also illegal. You should report this person and their comments to your HR department before he can cause more harm.

  2. I really enjoyed your post. I unfortunately have had to deal with that sort of ignorance a lot. Its sad that people still act like that.

  3. I love this! You said it exactly right!

  4. You are a great writer, Kaity! I love your words about women being a reflection of the beauty of God in the world.

    Often times, I have been on the other side of sexist remarks because I am a woman preacher. But as a wise mentor once told me, "You don't have anything to prove. Your life is hidden in Christ. Let Him be the One to defend you." It has served me well over the years as I have graciously smiled back at those who tried to insult me.

  5. interesting book...came across your blog from blogher!

  6. i absolutely LOVE the layout of your blog!! :D :D and you're so pretty, too.

  7. A well written truth Kaity. I recently started watching the show "The Conversation" (which is hosted by Amanda de Cadenet) and is all about interviewing women on real topics. In one interview one woman was talking about how she has 'masculine' qualities because she is strong. I really liked when the interviewer stepped in and said that strength is a universal character. Sadly, we constantly attribute it to men only but she gave a good example of if a child is taken from her mother and how that mother would be fierce, strong and stand her ground. It made me think, are there really feminine and masculine qualities? I think the line is blurrier than we want to admit.

    And I can very much relate to your story. When I was in the Air Force there were many moments where women were looked at as inferior. I remember one particular one where we were moving heavy furniture and two of the guys were deciding on who would move the filing cabinet. I offered to help and they looked at me and said, 'we guys got it.' It just infuriated me. I will say, I got my bit of redemption when I was made the physical training leader of my squadron and everyone (and our squadron was predominantly men) had to do what I told them to do, fitness wise. Oh was that a blast. :)

  8. That is absolutely horrifying... I'm so sorry to hear that you are dealing with this stuff. Good for you for using your blog to speak out about it! Also, you could definitely report those comments! It is not acceptable to display that kind of sexism ever, but especially in a work place!

  9. This is such an amazing post! I love this. There are so many people out there who are ignorant. Last summer I had a similar issue with a coworker who thought it was appropriate to make comments about how women are inferior. It shows that no matter how much time passes, some people will remain to have ideas from the past about women. But like you said women are sacred and we are strong as well!

    I am now following you and I look forward to continue reading your blog!