Sunday Blessings

It's Sunday. The Sabbath. The Holy Day. And on this particular Sunday I'm reminded of just how blessed I truly am. I sat in my car on the way to work this morning praying out loud and thanking God for my amazing life. (The fact that I found myself praying was honestly a miracle in and of itself).


Perhaps the biggest blessing in my life goes by the name of Chuck. Last night I recalled for him all the fun my best friends, Laura, Bekah and I had in college joking about who our future husbands would be. All the while, I never truly pictured myself being one half of a happy marriage. On the contrary, a rocky adolescence led me to believe that I was undeserving of anyone's love so I accepted the fact that while I had no plans to die alone, I probably would not find love in my lifetime.

Enter Chuck. From the moment we met, I knew he was easily the most genuine and trustworthy man I'd ever met. Months later, he has become my best friend. He has taught me to trust and what it truly means to completely give yourself to a person. I am so incredibly in love at this moment. I am not naive enough to think that our relationship will remain at this place forever, so for the time being I am taking in every moment and cherishing every word spoken with my future husband.


I'm halfway through my first semester of grad school and I'll admit, it's been hugely challenging for me. The course material is not particularly difficult and the truth of the matter is, I love what I'm studying. But my ability to focus on anything has been non-existent. For some reason, I just feel so distant and disconnected and it called me to question whether I had made the right decision in entering grad school. I got an interview with the local Food Bank and received a call inviting me back for a second. I have been weighing my options: enter the job market and gain practical experience in serving the underserved or continue on with my schooling to continue to improve my knowledge surrounding hunger issues and improve my writing skills. (This last part is particularly intriguing to me as I've thought more and more about a career in writing).

Currently, I am leaning more toward one side than the other, but the fact that I'm even having this dilemma is just another example of just how freaking blessed I am! How many people have the amazing opportunity I've been given to get a graduate education in a field they love?


My job is boring at times. Whose isn't? I'm getting paid minimum wage. I'm getting paid. The fact of the matter is I'm working a job where I get a free pass to continue to working on getting my body to the best shape it can be...and I'm writing this blog at the front desk as we speak. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me!


Thanksgiving is a little over a month away and I could not be more excited! My mom and sister are coming to Ohio! Over the past year, I've been so incredibly blessed to become a part of a wonderful family and I am so happy that my future in-laws have been so gracious to welcome me into their lives with open arms. They truly feel like my second parents and I have grown to love them immensely.

Needless to say it's pretty exciting to think that for the first time ever, my two families (the people I love the most in this world) are coming together. Turkey Day can't get here fast enough!

> > >

I'm a big believer in counting your blessings. To remain negative is to completely discount all the love, grace and beauty that surrounds you. So on this beautiful, October Sunday, I profess that I am one blessed lady!

What blessings are you counting in your life?


  1. Kaity!! Thank you for stopping by! Are you for reals??? Wow I got a chance to go through your blog and what an amazing life you have. Like you say you are indeed a blessed chica! Uganda, grad school, marriage, so proud of the choices you've made. You know this world would be an even better place if there was more people like you. So definitely following you now :)

  2. Visiting from comment love. I love that you took the time to write out all the ways you've been blessed. Totally awesome. Our God is great.

  3. It always cheers me up to think about my blessings when I'm having a hard day. Great list!

  4. visiting you for FTLOB!

    I love your post, and our lives are very similar, especially on the topic of love. I have a similar guy, and love him to death. Every day I count my blessings of finding the one person in the world who gets me and loves me for me, despite the bad days!

    I am a new follower! Can't wait to keep reading!



  5. My dearest Kaitybee, just wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed reading your blessings in your last few posts. It's so easy to get wrapped up in all the bad things going on. I'm really struggling with that right now. I'm not doing what I want to be doing and opportunities just aren't there. It makes me frustrated and I'm all too often unable to see beyond my current difficulties. God has blessed me in so many ways, even in these dry times. Your blessings blogs have encouraged me, as well as challenged me to spend time at least once a week focusing specifically on the blessings in my life. I definitely need to start doing blessings blogs! <3

  6. Oh, I love this post! Such a beautiful perspective!