Less than 2 months left!

It occurred to me today that 1) I haven't written about my service project at all, and 2)I haven't written in general...for awhile!

Well, my service project is on campus. I could choose between working in the Day Care or the Children's Library...and clearly I picked the library. It's so awesome. It's one of the only Children's Libraries in Uganda and it's so nostalgic being there. There's Roald Dahl books, Magic Attic Club, Dear America, Zoobooks; anything you read as a kid that you totally miss is there. I spend most of the time covering books that people have donated, but Katy S and I have a Sunday School Reading Club where kids are supposed to read a book a week, and then on Sundays they turn in 'assignments' on their books and whoever reads the most, wins! Reading in Uganda is pretty uncommon, so it's good that we can encourage kids to read for pleasure!

Anyway, this week has been rough as far as papers and such. But I've done 3/4, and our class got an extension for my last one until Tuesday which is a huge relief.

This weekend I'll be gone until sometime Sunday evening. We're going back to Jinja to do a white-water rafting/bungee jumping trip. I don't really have the money, or a huge desire to do the rafting, so I'm just gonna use Saturday to relax while everyone else is going down the Nile. Then bungee jumping is on Sunday which I'm super excited about because it's the one thing I REALLY wanted to do here. I know I'm going to be so scared once I get up on that platform, but for now- I'm psyched out of my mind!

I guess that about sums everything up. Wish I had more to share, but I'll tell you all about my adventures on the Nile once I get back!

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